Set alarm based on mobile input

Hi all,

we don’t wake up the same time every day.
The evening before I want Homey to ask me which time it should wake us (with music) the next day, prepare the coffee machine etc. My question is: Is there a way to request the “alarm” time as a variable via a push confirmation / input?


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Hi all, so is this not possible? Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are a android user, you could try Tasker

Oh good idea, I have tasker but I’m not really used to it. Do you have an idea what to search for / a starting point? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have used android in the past. I’am now a iPhone user. So i can’t tell you how to do it. But there is enough info on google and youtube

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Thanks tb!

about it?



Not an answer to the exact question, but I use Google Assistant (through a Nest Hub) and a routine that ask me for an alarm time via voice. The wakeup routine in the Assistant can then be configured to trigger actions on the Homey. Perhaps this could be adapted in some way to fit your use case.

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Thanks for sharing.
Not sure I get your flow, you seem to use fixed times? I want to change the time based on the input I enter into the push confirmation

Not using Google Assistant, but I like the idea to use another service. Have to think about that- thanks

He asks. At a fixed time.