When time is VARIABLE

Hi guys (and gals),
I’m looking for a way (possible some app) that would allow me to create variable and include it in a number of flows in a way not to change a bunch of WHEN statements rather only that variable.

Variable would be actually time string in example 16:15 and that I would like to include in when i.e. When time is VARIABLE.

Maybe you can use Alarm setting for this?


Alarm has exactly those variables I’m interested in however will alarm actually trigger some sound or app notification? Ok I’ll test that. I don’t want to be “alarmed” I just want to easily change at which time of a day flows will start without editing flows directly.

I’ll test alarm for sure.

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If there is made no flow for the alarm triggering, a wake-up sound will play, as soon as you make a flow (any flow) that will disable.
Future proofing: This is only the case for Homey Pro (2016, 2018 & 2019)


That’s very good tip. Thnx.

And you can change the time for alarms in flows through HomeyScript.

Looks like really alarm is workaround for “when time is VARIABLE”. Alarm substitutes mentioned with additional day per day possibility. Also, like already said no audible notification if you have flow.

Thnx guys for ideas and tips.

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