If time is <variable> possible?

We have a rather deviant weekday pattern concerning the start of day and there are quite some flows dependent on that moment (like preheating the bathroom or the car).
Is it possible to have a text variable like “wake_up_time” with value “06:45” (set at 18:00 the day before value dependant on day of week) and have a flow triggerd by
If time = TimeValue(wake_up_time)

It would also make it possible to have a two switches near your bed, one to cancel for the next day and one to set the time to now at wake up.
Most beautiful is if homey could have or look into a planner in which you could set your week pattern and also holidays and other exceptions on top of that.

Check this out. It can either set the alarm time for a Homey Alarm to go off to start your flow

Or you can use a Scheduer device from this app for more advanced setup.


I guess the easiest way for this porpose is to use the Alarm function.
Another solution should be the use of the iCalCalender App.

With both variants you have the possibility to start flows before the actual event.

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Thanks, both look interesting. Never used the alarm function. Thought of it but could not find where to configure in the browser interface but probably only available in smart phone interface. Trying it out now.