Compatible alarm clocks?

I would like to be able to use flows based on wake up alarms. I know Homey supports that, but then I would need to fully rely on Homey for my alarms and - call me old fashioned - I would rather still have a real alarm clock device on my night stand.
Does anyone know of a (smart) alarm clock that is compatible with Homey?

Lametric could be something you could use. I like it very much. Bit overpriced though, but it has many nice options

These are the possibilities in the THEN part

So yes you can make a flow, when homey’s alarm goes off. Off interest for you @RoyWissenburg?

I also work with LaMetric. Great !

Nope just like google home, not the other way around. But there is a workaround with ifttt

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Looks interesting! But if I understand correctly it is not (directly) possible to set an alarm on the clock and use that alarm as a trigger for Homey? Because that would be exactly what I would want. Not a big fan of workarounds :slight_smile:

That sounds like something worth trying, thanks!

The Beddi by Witte also looks very interesting. No Homey app, but maybe in combination with the workarounds mentioned it comes close to what I was looking for.