[Fun] Flow Showcase

Hi everyone, I am quite new to Homey and want to start a fun topic for fellow noobs (or pros)!
I don’t know if this post fits in this category and if anyone would be interested in this concept, but here goes! :smiley:

Homey flows create endless possibilities/applications for your devices.
Therefore everyone will have endless ways to go about automating a certain device.
Personally I sometimes lack the creativity to come up with fun flows ( you can call me lazy :wink: )

The idea behind this topic is that this will become a place for people to share fun and/or useful flows they have created for their own smart home. the goal in doing so is to give other people inspiration for automating their home.

an example format would be:

Flow idea: Bedtime!
required: Homey pro, Sonos app.

Explanation IF/AND:
This flow is triggered between Monday and Thursday at 22:00 hours.
I chose Monday through Thursday because in the weekends we tend to stay up late so we wouldn’t want the TV and all devices to be turned off while we are watching a movie for example.

Explanation then:
When the IF/AND conditions are met, all the lights and devices like the TV for example are turned off.
Sonos automaticly pauses any background music we’ve had playing and uses text to speech to tell me and my girlfriend it’s time for bed, as a extra visual confirmation the LED ring starts pulsing in a blue colour.

This is a very simple example, but it does showcase the idea behind the topic.
When sharing your flows, you could also ask people for suggestions on improving your flows!
So if you have any fun, out of the box or useful flows you would like to share, please do!