[Fun] Flow Showcase

Hi everyone, I am quite new to Homey and want to start a fun topic for fellow noobs (or pros)!
I don’t know if this post fits in this category and if anyone would be interested in this concept, but here goes! :smiley:

Homey flows create endless possibilities/applications for your devices.
Therefore everyone will have endless ways to go about automating a certain device.
Personally I sometimes lack the creativity to come up with fun flows ( you can call me lazy :wink: )

The idea behind this topic is that this will become a place for people to share fun and/or useful flows they have created for their own smart home. the goal in doing so is to give other people inspiration for automating their home.

an example format would be:

Flow idea: Bedtime!
required: Homey pro, Sonos app.

Explanation IF/AND:
This flow is triggered between Monday and Thursday at 22:00 hours.
I chose Monday through Thursday because in the weekends we tend to stay up late so we wouldn’t want the TV and all devices to be turned off while we are watching a movie for example.

Explanation then:
When the IF/AND conditions are met, all the lights and devices like the TV for example are turned off.
Sonos automaticly pauses any background music we’ve had playing and uses text to speech to tell me and my girlfriend it’s time for bed, as a extra visual confirmation the LED ring starts pulsing in a blue colour.

This is a very simple example, but it does showcase the idea behind the topic.
When sharing your flows, you could also ask people for suggestions on improving your flows!
So if you have any fun, out of the box or useful flows you would like to share, please do!

Not that much interest I see, but I’ll keep the topic alive :sweat_smile:
I revised the bedtime flow a bit after learning some new tricks.
Below you can find the flow and an explanation about how it works.

Flow idea: Updated Bedtime flow.
Required: Homey Pro, Google NEST HUB/speaker, Sonos, Countdown timers app, Google TTS

Links to the apps:
Sonos: Sonos App voor Homey | Homey
Countdown Timers: Countdown timers App voor Homey | Homey
Google TTS: Google TTS App voor Homey | Homey

Flow buildup:
So the idea of the previous flow was that if it was 22:00 O’clock on a Monday through Thursday night, it would pause the music and turn off all my devices. I found out you can add a YES or NO push notification in the AND condition. So now i’ve added a question if i would like to go to bed or not. If me or my girlfriend says YES, everything turns off and if we say NO, It will ask again in half an hour.
Below you can see the flows I’ve created for this (marked with a red arrow)

Bedtijd flows

We will go over all the flows in detail but a quick overview:
Bedtijd (Bedtime) turns everything off if started.
Eerste keer vragen bedtijd (Ask if it’s time for bed the first time) starts the flow vraag bedtijd at a set time.
Herhaal vragen bedtijd (Repeat the question if its bedtime) starts vraag bedtijd again after 30 minutes.
Vraag bedtijd: This is the flow which asks if its time for bed and either repeats or starts bedtime.

Explanation: now we’ll go a bit more in depth for all the seperate flows.

STEP 1: Eerste keer vragen bedtijd (Ask if it’s time for bed the first time)

This flow basicly starts the whole bedtime sequence, at 10 O’clock it will start the flow “Vraag bedtijd”.

STEP 2: Vraag bedtijd (Ask if it’s time for bed)

When STEP 1 or 3 (we wil get in to this later) starts this flow, it will send my phone a push notification asking: Is it time for bed?. If i reply with yes, it will start the bed time flow.
If i reply no it will start a countdown time i called “repeat question bedtime” which lasts 30 minutes. and make a notification sound and tell me it will ask again in 30 minutes.
Now i’ll go into the part where i tell the notification no

STEP 2,5: herhaal vragen bedtijd (repeat question is t time for bed)

When we answer the notification from STEP 2 with “no” it will start a timer called: “Repeat question bedtime”. once the 30 minutes (or your set time) are over it will start STEP 2 again.

STEP 3: Bedtijd (Bedtime)

When this flow is started after the first time asking or multiple tries (doesn’t matter.
it will pause my music. after which it will make a notification sound, animate my LED ring turn off all my devices on the first floor and tell me and my girlfriend good night and what its doing.
that’s pretty much it, quiete simple but I hope this helps or inspires someone! :slight_smile:

Fun and easy way of keep track of the electric prices with advanced flow and a RGB lightbulb.

I use Heating Controller app for my electric prices but just check suitable app for your country.