Any UK Homey Jedi’s willing to initial help a Newbie?:)... please

Hi people. I’ve had my Honey Pro for about 2 months now but not done anything with it as I just can’t find the basic starter flow info I need.

I’ve found the Page with some basic stuff but doesn’t really cover what I need: like setting up Alexa to action commands, like turning lights on and off. Telling Alexa to set Philips Hue Scene. Playing a welcome message on SONOS when someone comes home. Etc etc

ANY help would be truly appreciated as I am so excited to get this going but frustrated that I’m not finding the basics to start and learn.

Thanks in advance


Have you had a look at the following, I am bias but I wouldrecommend this tutorial.. It may seem over whelming, but all flows are created pretty much exactly the same. And once you get the hang of it by doing a couple - its dead easy.

If there are any specific questions you have - let us know.

Other Flow Tutorials

Other info

didn’t know you are a Jedi @Jamie and from the UK ??

Never underestimate @Jamie :wink: