Get a notification on your phone on battery level change

How to get a notification when battery level changed for a device.

With just 1 flow you can get a notification on your phone with info for when the battery status of a device is changed and came below a certain percentage. This way you can act fast and change the battery of that device.

What to use

  1. Homey with the 2.0.x firmware installed.
  2. One or more battery powered devices.

Start making the flow.

First we make the trigger part:
We click “Devices” and select “A sensor’s value changed”.
At “Sensor type” we choose “Battery”.
Your WHEN part of the flow should look like this:

The WHEN part of the flow is done.

Then we make the AND part:
For the condition part we choose “Logic”. In this example i used the normal, build-in logic card.
After that we select the option with a tag in it and “is less than”.
After that you click the tag and select the “Value” tag at the top under local tags.
After that you click on the empty line below the logic you just created and set a value there. In this case i used 20. So, when battery level comes below 20 it will fire the flow. You can set it at any level you prefer ofcourse.
The AND part of your flow should look like this:

At this point the AND part is also done.

Now we make the THEN part:
After adding a card in the THEN part we choose “Mobile” and after that we choose “Send a push notification”.
Then we have to pick a user ofcourse. And then, in the “Your message” line you can type something like: The battery level of (Now click the tag on the right side of the very same line you are typing in, select the “Name” tag on the top under Local Tags) is below 20%. Don’t forget to hit the save icon on the top ofcourse.
Your THEN part should look like this:

There you go, all done.

It is also possible to receive a notification from 1 specific device ofcourse. All you have to do for that is add a condition card (in the AND colom) with “logic” and choose the top line with the tag and “is exactly”. After that click on the empty tag and pick “Name” on the top under Local tags.
Your condition card now should look like this:

In this case, when you have multiple battery powered devices, you will have to make a flow for each device ofcourse.


Nice, and the reminder to change the battery is build in as well as it would send you a push message on 19 percent battery, 18 percent, 17 percent et cetera.

Nice, thanks @Rocodamelshekima! Had the same with devices not reported in 1 day, but that was not working as expected.

And this is flow now is simple and better.

On my day 10 of Homey …

This is EXACTLY what I hoped for from Homey!!


Thanks you

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Nice that it even pulls the zone of the sensor!


Impressive! Thank you for sharing.

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I tried to make this battery level monitoring flow. I did exactly as described in this post and the flow won’t work.

The flow will go to disabled state as soon as I put the local “Value” tag in the And condition. If I change the Value into another measurement for example the humidity the flow works. Anyone got any ideas what is the problem? Homey version 2.5.1 in use.

The flow would only trigger when the battery level changes, so what exactly do you think does not work?

Can u post a screenie of this flow?

Screenshots below. I also checked that the flow haven’t run a single time. It shows that in the flow editor.

You are right. Its not disabled. The flow is otherwise grey, but the text is white.

Is there a reason why the flow is greyed out? Will it still work?

My mistake, sorry for asking.

Is there any reason to use this battery app? Since Homey has a battery overview as well?

Well, it’s not an app but just some flows. And at the time this was posted it was very well usefull. :wink:

does it still work for you? I see 2 sensor less than 10% and I haven’t receive any notification. :thinking:

Where is this overview? (I can’t find it)

Then click on the battery symbol in the upper right corner.

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I have this flow. It worked, but not anymore. I don’t know since when or why.

For me the same flow works without any problems.
Maybe restart Homey (I guess PTP is not needed) or build this flow new.