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Greetings everyone,

Since I have the homey pro (early 2023) i am missing the ability to create little loops. That’s why i’ve decided to make an app for it(My second Homey app!)! I’ve just submitted it to Homey and hope to hear soon from them. I just couldn’t wait to share the progress already.

App link: Loops App voor Homey | Homey

Usage Examples:

  • When no one is home, blink the lights red because of an intruder alert
  • When someone rings the bell let the light blink 5 times
  • Slowly dim the lights

Screenshots of the flow

Notifications as example with the iteration tokens!


While I wait for approval of your app, I will think of useful cases for myself! Thanks.

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I’m already working on more cards like:

Then start loop … and run until numberA is smaller than number B with a delay of 0.5 seconds.

This way you can transition volume or brightness

First version is live: Loops App voor Homey | Homey

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Making a new release adding a transition card:

Added new condition card and kill card to kill loops

Nice app, very much like the Transition card in the Chronograph app.
Good work.

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There is an app for transitions, called: Transitions App voor Homey | Homey

Awesome thanks didn’t know. There is also a new transition card in this loops app.

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Im unable to get the flow to work with my Philips hue lights

I want the lights to loop an amount of time based on an alarm trigger and then stop.

Has anyone got this working?
I have tried out based on the screenshots on this forum.

Best regards


I have just installed loops as i want to control my Philips Hue lights to setup a change in colours for Christmas lights, but i also cannot get the loop to start,

Maybe i have setup my triggers incorrectly or i am not correctly grasping the usage of the loops.

You can see here is what i am trying to loop,

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


You should create a start loop card “then”.
And the “when” iterates card to do something when the loop gets executed.

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Hello @Menno_van_Hout
Thankyou for replying,

Am i right in thinking this is the setup for what you described ?

I can’t see right now if the lights flow works good, but i assume you can test that haha.

But the way you now implemented the loops card is indeed exactly as how it should be done!

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I will soon add a tutorial to the blog of: https://hdashboards.app

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Thanks that’s good to know i have it set right.

Unfortunately it does not start the When loop.

I have even put a notification after the Start and i do not get anything.

Its like when the (WHEN) Start Loop Christmas Lights Loop and run
gets called the (THEN) Loop Christmas Lights Loop Started does not initiate

Sorry I see a little mistake on your flow indeed. It should be when flow … iterates not started.

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This should not matter but try a simpelere name like “christmas_lights”

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Legend!! @Menno_van_Hout I think this has fixed, i did do both your recommendations and it seems to start :slight_smile:

Just a couple of other things in the Start Christmas_Lights i said run 600times as i just want it to run for 3 hours but wait 70 seconds before starting the next loop, but when monitoring i was getting a loop start notification every 5 or 10 seconds have i done something wrong here as well. ?

The Idea is that i have 6 colour changes with a 10sec delay between each which would take 1 min to complete and then the loop starts again.

Very excited its work not exactly how i thought but still giving me an outcome that I wanted :slight_smile:

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You might start the loop too many times? maybe adding a card and loop isn;'t running.?

Before starting it

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