Suggestions: Flow template community, app “store”, generic light effects


Having “downgraded” from Home Assistant to Homey, I am mostly very happy with having a much simpler setup. It has been a real stress reliever for me.

I have suggestions that I believe could really be helpful for Homey, seeing that this platform is probably the best platform currently for making it simple to do home automation:

1 - Flow template community:
A collection of simple flows for the things that the majority of users need/use. Combining this with a community where users could share/rate/etc flows to be able to reuse them would be awesome.

This might require some changes to the flow system. It would be great if when a trigger card for example were added, it wasn’t hard-coded for a specific device, but rather a function, and then device could be chosen. So that when a flow was created triggered by turning on a light, it could be copied and just set to a different light source.

Now flows on Homey is way way more accessible to me than Home Assistant automations ever was. I pretty much made most of what I had spent months(maybe years) making in HA in a matter of a few days in Homey. But the problem is that some actually really simple things are really hard to make, and is really hard to find and recreate how other people have solved it.
Examples of things I still haven’t been able to get working properly or took me longer than I felt necessary to achieve:
-Using button hold (on for example Xiaomi buttons) to dim lights (for example hue) (still haven’t solved this)
-Using luminosity sensors(in for example hue motion sensors) to control light brightness (for example hue) (still haven’t solved this m)
-Using motion sensors(for example hue) to turn on lights and remain on while there are people - and only when dark (took me a while to figure out, but I think I have gotten there now)

2 - App “store”
I know this would trigger mixed reactions, but I think it would be great if independent developers doing apps could charge users a small amount for their apps - say 1-2 EUR like most iOS apps.

I think this could potentially encourage more developers to do apps of higher quality and keep them maintained. Also I don’t mind supporting the developers, and I am more fond of paying the price for what I get than paying what I want in donations.

3 - Generic light effects
It would be great if there were a library of effects that could be used on lights, varying from everything between bulbs, simple LED strips, addressable strips etc. Again, it would be great if it was backed by a community where users could share their work to easily reuse.
An example could be red/blue police flashing to be triggered throughout the house for an alarm.

I’m finding it very hard to work with light effect in Homey. Haven’t actually been able to make it work on my LIFX strip or hue stuff.


I don’t know if Athom is reading this, or are in here at all? But I would like feedback on these ideas both from you other users but also Athom, about whether it could be done.

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Wel athom doesnt reading along with us most of the time, so if you really want them to read your suggestions, you should contact them directly.

Alright, I wasn’t aware that they weren’t here at all. I’ve sent it to them directly. I tried contacting them on Facebook, which they apparently aren’t active on either, so now I just sent it to them.

Hopefully I receive some sort of reply.

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Might be worth mentioning that the ability to share flows is already on their todo list.

That’s very good news. In my opinion, that will open a lot of possibilities for everyone.