[HOWTO] Use IFTTT with Homey when the official support has ended

We all heard the official Homey support for IFTTT will end, and those still using it are probably looking for alternatives. Look no further - you can keep using IFTTT together with Homey (in a slightly different way) using webrequests. Both directions are covered, also see the second post in this thread. Don’t be intimidated by the length of this post, once you get it it is not that hard.

Start an IFTTT applet from Homey

To start an IFTTT action from Homey, you need to create a webrequest trigger in IFTTT. The applet is called “Webhooks” (it used to be called the maker channel).
When selecting a trigger, search for webhooks:

Then choose “”web request”:

And pick a nice name for your action:

Then complete your applet with the action you want:

To be able to trigger this action, you need to know the webrequest to send from Homey. You can get this by clicking you account name in IFTTT and picking “Services”, then “Webhooks”, and click the gear icon:

There you find an URL, you simply click to go to the page with the instructions:

Which takes you to the page with the URL you need:

Take the URL you find there, replace the event with the keyword you chose before, and put that in a Logic card with the webrequest:

Your flow should look something like this:


Start a Homey flow from IFTTT

In Homey, create a flow with a logic card in the “When” and pick a nice Event name:

The URL you need to call the webhook is shown in the card. As you can see you need your homey cloud id to get the actual URL for your Homey You can find this in the app under general settings. Click on it to copy it to the clipboard:

The ID you find there should be put in the url at the designated place in the URL. The <event> should be replaced with the ID you used, and you can add a tag with a value you want to pass if IFTTT has any additional information you need. Make sure you got the uppercase and lowercase letters right. The URL should then look something like this:


Now you’re ready to create the IFTTT applet. For the action, choose Webhooks:


Anf then: make a web request:

And put in your URL. Note that as a Tag for Homey I entered the ingredient from Tado with the previous presence mode by clicking “Add ingredient”:

So the applet should look something like this:

And your flow should look something like this:

And the result from switching in Tado:


Oh, and one thing to consider: never post your actual webhooks (with your athom id or IFTTT key) online. Otherwise anyone can trigger your actions by clicking your link. This is why I changed or wiped those in the above tutorial.


Wow… thanks man! Just what I was looking for.
Hope I can get it to work. Steps seem a little bit intimidating to me at first sight :slight_smile:

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ISTR there was some aspect of webhooks where you couldn’t pass or receive the number of extra data parameters that are included as part of an official integration - is that right?

The second example demonstrates the use of a parameter. first example did not use the extra parameters that could have been added. But the IFTTT help page does explain how to use those, and the logic card does seem to allow to put variables in the URL so it would say it is possible. If not there are other Homey apps out there that can put out a webrequest, so it is definitely possible if you need it.

This indeed works like a charm! I used IFTTT’s geofence which proofed to be far more reliable for me than Homey’s own, so I was disappointed when I learned IFTTT was going to be removed as a service. This webhook setup does the trick equally well. (Send webhook to Homey when leaving/entering an area to trigger an arm/disarm flow). Also, pending the fix of the Gardena app (???) I use a webhook from Homey to IFTTT to turn an appliance on/off.

What helps: it takes some time and tinkering to get it to work in both directions, but going forward you can just duplicate your flow or copy/paste the url in IFTTT and update the event/tag only - easy!

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Any idea how to do multiple tags?

I don’t know if Homey accepts multiple tags, so youd have to put multiple values in one tag and parse that with Homeyscipt.
You should then probably look at a more advanced app for webhooks:


Fantastic job with this! Much easier to understand than Homeys guide =)

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Quick question. IFTTT support was supposed to be ended in February 2022. Now it is March and it is still working. The IFTTT Homey app was even updated today by the Athom team. Have they changed their decision and will still support IFTTT?

Only Athom can tell. My guess is they updated the app one last for those who already own it. They will probably remove it from the app store at some point. From then on installed apps will probably keep working until one day something changes and it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. Also, if at some point you want to restore a backup then the restore process will not be able to get the old app from the store anymore.

It is working again … they have lowered the BILL !