IFTTT Support Discontinued

Another thing which will no longer work - superb. Not sure if anyone from Athom comes on here but this is a joke.

No this is not a joke but I think if you see the rates they ask it is crazy and a logical step also a lot of other vendors have skipped IFTTT even earlier or don’t develop compatibility with the platform.

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I didn’t mean a literal joke, I meant again dropping of support is rubbish. Pass on the cost to customers who want to use it perhaps? It just seems like someone at Athom says I don’t fancy doing that anymore and scraps it. I use IFTTT to link to a lot of things Homey doesn’t support, triggering Applets from within Homey, now I lose all that functionality, that is a joke.

Did you read the entire e-mail? as you can still activate flows using webhooks, which is explained in the e-mail.

They at least took the time to give option(s) (with explanation) on still being able to use iftttt (unlike other manufacturers which just dropped them).


It is possible to trigger homey flows with webhooks from IFTTT. It is not possible to trigger IFTTT applets from homey flows the other way round. One way communication only.

I guess you are willing to pay a considerable fee to keep it running?

As I’ve mentioned previously, if Athom looked to monetise the apps, over say 100 users, paying a minimal amount would cover the cost. I currently pay £3 a month to IFTTT to use the service so I’d happily pay a similar amount to Homey, but as per usual, no options, no alternatives, just deal with it loyal customers.

Better sell it tomorrow then. Win win situation. You happy, community happy.

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IFTTT has webhooks too that can be called from Homey. It used to be called Maker, now I believe it’s just called Webhooks too. Homey can call those through Logic and/or other apps. So it is possible to use webhooks both ways. I used to have those webhooks when I migrated from Homewizard to Homey and replaced them with the “real” IFTTT integration. Silly me, now I have to change those back.

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As usual, your comments bring nothing to the discussion - Twitter is better for useless opinions, in case you haven’t already heard of it

Cheers, will check this out.

Just following your example, thanks!

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Sorry just thought I’d throw in 2 cents …

Paying ongoing fee’s to make the gear you already purchased is stupidity in my opinion…

Go with local based devices ., They are cheaper, faster response time , 100% reliability up time , no internet reliance…

If you have gear that needs internet to work sell it as soon as you can :grin:

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I am only using IFTTT because Athom deleted the original app which worked locally for the device I am connecting.

Ohh. ok you didn’t mention that before.

Is your device old or from an obscure manufacturer. ?

Also are you aware people and a few companies are jumping ship from IFTTT due to their greedy backflip ?

I’m no friend of Athom but IFTTT seem to have screwed up big time from what I’ve heard…


I too have noticed a few companies ceasing IFTTT support but as a user I find their service very affordable and well worth the money. Obviously free was better. IFTTT have to be profitable but the current situation does not look good.

Stringify bought out, Conrad now chargeable and expensive, not sure where Yonomi are at currently.

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Not sure if anyone on this thread saw one of the other posts they I made in another IFTTT thread recently.

Here’s a good vid’ on YouTube that explains some of the back story with IFTTT .

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I hear you mate. I had the same issue - apps dropped by Athom (Hive was the one at the time if I recall) and now this. The page they linked to was unfortunate as you’re absolutely right it only gave one side of the story.

However, in this case I reached out to Athom support and they sent instructions on using webhooks in both scenarios - I was expecting a monumental effort but it actually only took about 10mins to switch my flows to the webhooks… they’re pretty simple.
I just swapped the IFTTT card for the Logic card in the flows, and the Homey card for the Webhook card in IFTTT - this was only difficult because IFTTT’s interface is rubbish!

I’m the first to moan at Homey usually because I’ve been in your situation a few times, but in this case I actually understand where they’re coming from - IFTTT are a horrible money grabbing company
And given you can do everything with minimal effort without the direct integration from Homey’s side, I can see why they wouldn’t want to

(Of course, all of this is putting aside that this seems entirely counter to their new direction of being the ‘consumer friendly’ version of the smart home per latest announcements, but that’s not really the point here)


Cheers for this.

I will have a look into it hopefully this weekend when I get a chance, I get that IFTTT seem to be ruining their service by upping charges and applying charges to users, but without any other revenue streams and rising server costs I can see why they need to, albeit it could have been done better.

I guess I’m unique in then fact that I’d rather pay for a monetised service (Homey monthly cost e.g) than have to constantly deal with other integrations, change apps, move stuff around without much support. We’re in a society where we pay for TV subs, home automation subs (ring etc) and for the amount of time and effort Homey saves me, I’d be happy to pay for a premium service where there was a development option.

But anyway that aside I’ll crack on with the other way of using IFTTT, been attempting to do some development in Node.JS but I have minimal time to spend on it, and nowhere near dev level.

Hi - Can you please share the instructions for the other way. I have 2 Fans integrated through IFTTT that I am unable to work out the correct logic cards in Homey flows.
I would appreciate if you can forward an email to damian@modrasapartments.com.au