Homey IFTTT Integration issue

Trying to start a flow from IFTTT for a device that has no App yet and noticed you can only start a simple flow, not an advanced flow - anyone know if this is by design or just been overlooked? I also get “there was a problem running the action” as a regular response in the IFTTT activity log but cannot find any easy way to debug this, the name of the flow is definitely correct and I’ve refreshed the IFTTT account - it has run a few times but mostly seems to fail.

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

Please add some details, its only guessing now.
Which card you start the flow with
Why don’t you share the flow right away
Do you use the free part of IFTTT
Which Homey Pro
Isn’t your Homey having lots of connection issues

Hi Peter
The connection issues seem to have stabalised but Homey are going to replace the unit anyway just in case. I didnt share the specific flow as it is the same with any, I have a paid for IFTTT and when you link to Homey the only flows you can see in the list are basic ones, none of the advanced ones show up. I’ve got around it for now by creating a basic flow that simply starts an advanced flow but that seems messy and couldnt see why IFTTT couldnt trigger an advanced flow but seems it is by design - now I’ve created a few, only basic ones show up at IFTTT end.

Hi Darrel,
I am not into ifttt, although I’ve used it.
For now I have a workaround:
start a standard flow by IFTTT and let that flow start the Aflow you like.

Thanks Peter, thats what I mean above but I just realised I called it a basic flow and not standard, my bad. That does seem to work though so guess it is an oversight or something in design makes it more complex for IFTTT to see the advanced list.

All sorted for now and fingers crossed connectivity seems stable.

How long you been using it? obviously a power user I guess from all your posts?

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Well I bought a Homey after summer 2020.
It’s “a bit” addictive and I like to find and build solutions for all kinds of cases.
And I like experimenting as well, trying to get the white ball to turn red :blush::blush:
I’d like to build apps as well, but it’s not really my thing, there’s so much I don’t understand :laughing:

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Hi Peter

Yep totally agree with that, very addictive. I got into the Smart Home stuff after seeing a demo room a few years ago that showcased £1M of Tech in one apartment but sadly I don’t have the £1M!! so started small with Philps Hue but that soon grew to every bulb in the house (and garage!), then started added other stuff and it just kept growing.

I always wanted something like the advanced flow to be able to bring everything together so really looking forward to getting to grips with Homey Pro. I spent ages looking around and this was first one that really appealed to me despite many people suggesting HA.

Sounds like we’re similar looking for those solutions and I was thinking about the App development too (used to be a programmer many years ago).

I’m hoping it will allow me to consolidate everything to the one hub with local control. I’m currently using a combination of IFTTT, Alexa, Voice Monkey and Apilio for all my logic, it works well and can allow complex routines, but it is messy and dependant on all the systems being fast and online. IFTTT is quite slow sometimes so not always ideal. The Advanced Flow looks like it will be great for writing routine and logic.

My kit list is below. It looks like a lot will work with Homey Pro but may have a few challenges so all ideas from an experienced Homey user are welcome!!

• Philips Hue for lighting, seems to work fine

• Tado for heating, seems to work fine

• Aqara for Curtains, Blinds and Mini Switches, so far swapped one blind bug having a few compatability issues so not added curtains yet

• Ring for Doorbell, all working

• Meross for Garage Door, all my smart plugs and switches, so far a bit limited, only switches seem to be an option in the App

• Dyson for Air Purifier, seems to be working fine

• Alexa for all my voice control, a few challenges but mostly working

• Logitech Harmony for Home Cinema control, not added yet

• Smarter for the kettle, no App

• Blink for Cameras, working very well

• Home Connect for Bosch Dish Washer and Washing Machine, seems to work fine

• Nest Protect for Smoke/CO2 Alarms, no App or even API available thanks to Google not releasing it after they took over product range

• Yale Conexis Door Locks, working very well

• Tempest Weatherflow for Weather sensors (great piece of kit, highly recommended). I use this one a lot for triggering lighting, curtains, garage door etc. App seems to have all the options but not set up yet


Thanks for sharing Darrel, much appreciated.

Check out TadoZones app by Martin Verbeek, this is packed with neat features. We only have to wait for the Community store to return online, or for Athom to approve it to homey.app store.

Yeah never sell Harmony gear

There’s Martin Verbeek again, he developed the Google Nest SDM app, it supports Nest Protect; but the app is in the ‘under construction’ community store.

Thanks, useful to know and share ideas. Definitely not selling Harmony, its great, my only gripe, you can;t access the pause/play button, be great to raise lighting during that pause for more beer/popcorn then dim again once you press play but not found a way to do it yet!!!

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YW! You can consider adding a Switchbot hub. It can learn IR signals and integrates with Homey.

Yes, might be an idea. I was trying to reduce hubs but if its direct to Homey then at least all in one place and if it will learn pause play I can access both movie activity and plauy/pause all in one flow. To be honest I had looked at the broadlink as I have two other devices that are Infrared that Harmony refuses to learn so might help there too. It’s a pity Homey Pro didnt include a learn IR option, that would have been very useful.

Didnt realise there was seperate community store so thanks for that, happy to help with any testing so will reach out when it is back online (any reason why it is down, has it been offline for a while?)

Forgot to say, (knowing your addiction!), if you’ve not used a Weathflow Tempest, it is a great piece of kit and seems fully supported by Homey - https://weatherflow.com/ it has a whole array of sensors for rain, light, wind etc.

I’ve got all my curtains and light scenes automatically linked to light level for sunset, dusk, evening and sunrise etc. works great as it’s consistent every single day of the year instead of using sunset/sunrise times that don’t work on overcast days. Also closes garage door when raining or excessive wind - loads of options …

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Yes it is one of these things you stumble upon or not. It was created by Max (and volunteers), while his own app wasn’t getting published by Athom. For several years it worked.

Max is going other directions and Dominic has decided to continue the store in his own way