IFTTT - "Options Unavailable"

I can’t seem to get IFTTT to work?
I tested with an already created flow, and could update a Google Drive Sheet without any issues, but the status is “Options Unavailable” when choosing flows.

To test it, I then deactivated and activated the IFTTT applet, and it now stopped working.

I’ve recently changed my email, for both IFTTT and Homey, and I reconnected them as well to make sure everything is as it’s supposed to be - but I still won’t get a flow list in IFTTT when I create them on Homey.

i have same issue, did you find a solution?

I do receive iftt calls but outgoing does not work.

So incoming (from ifttt to homey) works fine, but outgoing (from homey to IFTTT) seems not te be working.
When i do:

  • create and select Homey and then a flow is triggered
  • select box displays Options Unavailabe when using web browser, in the App it displays loading.

I have a IFTTT pro account, so max applet is no problem

I found it too buggy, so I’ve moved out everything from IFTTT, and I’m handling everything locally instead.


on mystery reasons it suddenly works