Ifttt Doesn't Load Flows

When i go to create an aplet on ifttt, in the “if this” i choose, “a flow has been started” and it just won’t load my flows…
If i choose to start a flow in the “then” part, it already loads all my flows…
Anyone has a clue of what is wrong with this?

It can at times take a while, but it sounds like you have tried long enough for them to appear. I would go to the IFTTT settings of the Homey applet to reaffirm the connection.

If that does not help - I’ve had problems after a Homey backup restore that IFTTT didn’t recognise triggers. The only way I could fix that was to uninstall the IFTTT app on Homey and reinstall it. That didn’t break existing flows but must have reset something on Homey’s side.

EDIT: You do know that you don’t see all the flows, but that you should create a IFTTT action card in Homey with a trigger first, right?

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To be honest i didn’t knew that, it looks so easy now…

Thank you both of you!

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