IFTTT flow question

I’m trying to use the IFTTT plugin in a flow, but I get “No Applet is registered for this Homey” when I run it. Anyone able to shed light on this? I tried searching, but couldn’t find anything relevant…

You first need use IFTTT card in the THEN part of a Homey flow and give it a recognizable name. Then give the IFTTT app some time to sync, and after a while you will be able to find the name you used in Homey when you choose Homey in the IF part of IFTTT.

I’m not sure I follow you.

I have a flow, and I want to trigger an IFTTT applet from this flow. The applet is ready-made from the developer of a PC application. Is there no way to trigger this without creating my own applet?

This is exactly what I meant. Creating an applet isn’t required, you’re using the Homey applet in IFTTT to react to the flow, together with the one you want to start when the Homey flow triggers it. But you need to start with defining the trigger in the Homey flow, by using a card from the IFTTT app in Homey.

Maybe some examples will help explain:

Then, in IFTTT, select Homey for the trigger, and you will get a dropdown where you see the name you chose for the applet:

In IFTTT you then specify the action, where you use the applet you described.

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Ah, ok. Thanks! Too bad I will have to go for IFTTT pro to use it, though…

Depends on how many applets you need. You can create three applets for free.