IFTTT - How do we create more than one command?


I just received my Homey a few days ago, switching from domoticz I’ve been happily surprised on how easily I’ve been able to integrate my Somfy and Fibaro devices.

Google Home integration is working well for the lights but now I’m struggling to voice control my blinds.
As it is not natively managed by google home, I planned to use IFTTT, which works well with the “Trigger Homey flow with Google Assistant simple phrase” but I can only create one single instance of this applet… do you know how I can create another command, because I currently can only command them down, not up ^^

The IFTTT app in homey says that we should use Tags, but I cannot find anything like this within IFTTT ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Perhaps it’s easier to make virtual devices, call them blinds A, blinds B etc and create flows that make them go up and down when set to on and off.

I believe some other Homey users got it working this way.

If i’m not mistaken, it’s also possible to make multiple applets in IFTTT, as long as you make multiple flows in Homey that the Applet starts.

Thanks Neuron 44, I already have one flow to go up and another to go down and I do see both in IFTTT, however there is only one applet to handle a “simple phrase” and when it’s configured (“connected” in IFTTT) to either flow, I cannot create another one for the other.

Have you tried clicking on your account > create > If this > search for Google Assistant and then add that as a trigger?

I can create a 2nd flow with the same trigger. I also don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

You could also try to create an Applet with Say a phrase with a number as a trigger and as a result use Homey’s Start a flow with tags.
Haven’t tried that one myself, but I’m guessing it should work

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Ok, I must admit that I was the problem here :sweat_smile:, I had completely forgotten that I could build my own applets that way… MANY THANKS !!

Any time! Enjoy!