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Know what device gave a command

Hi All,

I have a multiple google assitants throughout my house, using IFTTT I enabled voice commands to Homey. This way I have “Lights on” activating my day or nighttime light flow without the “Ok google, tell homey to …”. Nice, but…, if I say “Lights on” to the assistant in the bedroom, I would actually want it to set the lights on within the bedroom only. If I say that to the assistant within the living room, I need it to switch the lights within the living room, etc.

Best way to do this is if we could identity the assistant that gave the command somehow. Would this be possible?

I know this isn’t of much help for you right now but when the Google Home integration is finished/approved (instead of Google Assistant integration we got right now) Google will handle that for you.

Hi Robin, how would that work? I think that if the google home integrations will be finished all devices and flows within Homey will be available within Google assistant, but at the moment, also within google assistant I see no way of making any distinction between my assistants.

No, Google doesn’t support all the diverse devices that Homey does.
Same goes for flows, they will also be unavailable to Google Home.
Because devices need to be assigned to rooms, just as your Google Home devices need to be, Google will understand that if you tell it to enable the lights it gets you mean the lights in that specific room.

Ah, that’s too bad. Thought that the “Homey – Google assistant” integration would make all homey devices and flows available within the assistant. In that case I would probably still keep working with IFTTT to get it automated the way I want, just only need to figure out how to see what assistant made the request.