Knowing which Google home device is receiving command


I have received the Homey yesterday and am playing around till I have everything figured out to do some real automation.

I searched the forum, but could not find it, maybe I searched with the wrong phrases but is there a way to detect which Google Home (nest) device is receiving the command and use this variable in a flow?

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Interesting question, but I don’t think Google is sharing this information ? I think Google just sends a command to Homey to do something, but not whether this is done by voice command, or by pushing on-screen-buttons on your phone (home-app) or nest hub ? Homey just receives a command from a google-api matching to the user, not directly from a specific device.


I thought so to, but when you make a flow with a speech command and use the card to say something back, it will reply to the speaker that was spoken to. I have 3 Google Nest Mini’s and 1 Google Home Hub and only the one in my office will speak back. So there has to be a way.

Will try and find my answer at Google, but any help is welcome :wink:

Google home is linked to a zone.
So if you ask google to to turn on the light, it will turn on the light in the zone that the google home is located.

I do not know if/how this information is shared with homey.
Search the forum on google mini. I remember some forum discussions about using the mini in multiple places in the house related with homey

FKey, I did not look at zone, great idea to investigate… I did search on Google Mini, but could not find the specific topic… Will try again… Thanks…

Well got a little further, for me was the most important to return a speech to the same device that received a speech.

I solved it by passing state as opt.

Homey.ManagerSpeechOutput.say('Hallo wereld!', state)

But in the state I saw no zone or device, maybe because I did not implement that correctly.