Let Homey switch on/off device in google home, possible?

Is it possible to let Homey control a device what is only present in Google home?

The device works in google Home and can be voice controlled but has no integration in Homey, Homey is connected with google.

So is is possible that homey gives google the command; Hey google turn on device X

Afaik this can be achieved if you have 2 mini’s (or similar) in the same room. I’m not aware of any other way yet.

I let this speak up on one mini: “Okay google, okay, turn something on”.
The second “okay” is needed to give the bleep some time before the real command is spoken.
The second mini responds to the command.
Yes this is odd, I know :crazy_face:


Thx, i came up with that idea myself but that was not what i was looking for, haha

But it confirms that it is not possible what i want…

Yup hehe. I haven’t seen any decent ways to accomplish this yet :upside_down_face:

What were you trying to realize then? Maybe there’s another way to solve it