Using homey with google home voice command

hay u all :smiley:
just recived my new homey a few days ago.
so far so good and i was able to do some cool stuff with it
but i dont know how to use it with google home but i cant
i try
hay google ask homey to turn on fan

hay google turn on fan
my homey is linked to my google account and i see my devices…

And your 'Fan" how is that switch on in Homey? as google is not supported everything. At the moment its i believe thermostats, lights, sockets.

What you can do is make a virtuel switch in homey (name it Fan for example) and let it start your fan. Then google knows your virtuel switch. And you can say Hey google turn on my fan.

10x for the replay
so i did i created a virtual device but i cant activate it with google

what do i need to tell google in order to make it work ?
i called the virtual switch fan and created a flow wich start as soon as this switch pressed

Is the device shown in the google home? otherwise “hey google sync my devices”

no the device is not show
do i need to set it up as a lamp in homey ? (like broadlink…)

and i did resync my devices

You need the switch, not the button

im not sure i get what u mean…

and how explaned here

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ok i did it and i also can see it and turn it off from google home app
but for somereson i cant get it to work with voice comand

whenever i say hay google activate *** it says ok turning on the *** and then there wes an error doing thet

Maybe time to share your flow

Did you activate GH in homey (settings - google assistent) and activate Sync to google.??

You don’t need to say ‘ask homey’
rust make sure you’re devices show up in the GH app, where you also have added homey…

just notice that sync wes off and i just turned it on

how do i shere my flow ?

Printscreens are ok

Make a screenshot (or more) and add it in a reply

I just noticed that I didn’t finish the replay, I managed to produce the flow and it worked. Thanks!