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As there is native support for Google Home here is a new thread.
To add Homey to the Google assistant:

Open your Google Home app > Add > Set up device > Works with google/Have something already set up? > Search and select Homey in the list of brands. Log in with your Athom account and follow the on-screen instructions.

For Dutch Google assistant go here.
For English Google assistant go here.

Enable synchronisation to Google (optional)
Note: by synchronising your device data to Google, you are subject to Google’s Privacy Policy.
Note: when synchronisation is not enabled, newly added devices might not appear in the Google Home app.

In the Homey mobile app (from version 2.3.0 and up) go to More > Settings > Google Assistant. Then check Enable Synchronise to Google. Hit Get Started.
Note: for integrations Homey fw version 2.1.2 is needed at least!



Integration works perfect! Is there a way to activate a flow thru Google home?

@Rocodamelshekima Them you only exclude the device from a room. It still will be in google home

Hmm, ok. And I missed the meaning of deleting devices in Google Home. What’s the purpose exactly?
If they are not in a room and u call them “Don’t turn on “ then they don’t bother u aye?
For peeps misunderstanding my question: it’s a serious question.

Yes, I have set this up for Homekit and Google Home by using virtual devices. Check out my posts.


That’s true. It’s just getting a little busy in Home. I have made a lot of virtual devices and group devices (for example ‘lights living room’) Easy for in the Homey app, but confusing with speech in Home.

But if u yell lights living room on and the lights are not in that room they won’t turn on or ?

Nope! Just for get it not to busy in Home

Switched some lights from Kappelt gBridge to the new Google Assistant integration.
However for some of my KlikAanKlikUit sockets the dim function seems missing in google assistant (but it is there in the homey app and it worked via gBridge). The wall KlikAanKlikUit dimmers do have the dimming functionality. Anyone else having the same problem?

Does Homey have a way to exclude devices from Google Home like you have with the Smartthings integration?

Right now I have two devices for every light (Philips hue) and some other devices I’m not interested in adding to Google Home. I also have some outdoor lights from another brand directly connected to Homey. Without the possibility to choose what devices to add to Google Home when I say “turn off all the lights” the outdoor lights also get turned off :frowning_face: I can probably solve that problem with routines or something but I don’t want to do all that just to be able to turn off the lights by voice.

If this is not possible yet I hope someone from Homey are planning to add the possibility. Kinda useless integration for some people if you can’t control what’s being added.


Agreed, the function to select which devices go to Google Home is really needed!


Just like in the mqtt hub app for example

Finaly integration :slight_smile: Almost gave up…

but I agree. Choosing what device is added to gogle home should be enabled.
Also realy missing blinds control.



Might be that people made virtual devices for locks or other type of devices you don’t want to be controllable by voice.

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Hey guys, if a Homey account has two or more Homeys, what happens when it gets linked to Google Home? Which devices gets synced?

Hi all,

When making the connection between Google Home and Homey I am getting the error “Couldn’t update settings” Check connection

What is the issue?

curious is there any reason to use gbridge now?