GREAT! We have google assistant integration now! What about the synchronization option?


I was very positively surprised by todays newsletter. A feature I’ve been waiting on for a long time now just got added, direct integration with Homey from the google assistant. Now I can remove my cumbersome IFTTT sync to get that to work.

I do have a question though, in the newsitem

It describes how to enable synchronization. So I’ve first added Homey as a device to the google home app, then tried to perform this step in Homey, but under the google assistant settings there is simply only a button called “Connect” and pressing it opens the same newsletter item?

I can’t find the “enable synchronization” option anywhere?

You need the mobile app 2.3.0 or later for this option.

In the same link:

Thanks Caseda, that fixed it!

It was added to the page later to prevent more of these questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Do you have to be in your own Wi-Fi to do this. Updated the app just now and now it says your homey is offline? When I install homey into Google homey Google says: I can’t update your settings check your connection. This was before I updated the app to 2.3

Update, never mind my message as my wifi is offline at home. :angry::angry::tired_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We are gonna continue this discussion here. This topic will be closed soon but still be available for future reference.