GH custom message

Dear Homeys,

I’m wondering I’ve anyone thought of an idea to make use of the custom message in routines to start a GH action from homey.

In GH routines you can make a custom message to deploy. Would be awesome if this could be reached through homey!

Any app developers out there willing to look into this? If there is more interest ofcourse|225x500

A routine is something GH uses to activate other devices like Homey, not the other way around. Homey cannot start anything in GH, so routines won’t be of assistance there.

I mean; there are things GH can do that homey can’t. For instance; ok, show the front door aka stream nest hello to Chromecast/Samsung.

So if homey could ‘virtually’ say to GA 'show me the front door. Those problems would me instantly solved

Yes, you are not alone in this wish. If you search the forum you will find many more wanting it, but GH doesn’t provide the means. The only solution is to let Homey REALLY talk to GH.

Some apps allow Homey to stream to GH though, but that is then a Nest Hello question for the builders of that integration. What you ask the Eufy doorbell can do using the Homey app for Eufy.

I tried doing this indeed, and for some tasks this works. But for streaming the nest hello google replays ‘sorry, I do not recognize your voice’

And unfortunately I don’t have an eufy :sweat_smile:

Bit thanks for your reply. I’ll try to work from here. Maybe the Google nest SMD, developer has some options