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Hi All,

I missed new updates within the latest behind the magic about google home integration.

I have lots of google home devices throughout the house, but the “Tell Homey to …” works terrible. Google keeps interpreting “Harmony” instead of “Homey”.

A workaround for this is the “routines” option within Google, but creating custom routines does not work so we can only use the build in “good morning”, “I’m home” etc.

Are any improvements for this still scheduled? There used to be a developer that created something for this but it was abandoned by Athom because they were creating a custom google home integration application, but I don’t see it even in beta.

Any update on this would be great, or to hear from others who do have working work-around in place for the time being.

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I am having the same problem making Homey pretty much useless! 2 out of 3 times I say “tell homey…” Google responds with “to link harmony to you Google home…” regardless of how clear I articulate. It is extremely frustrating and should be fixed asap. Homey speech control can not be used this way!

Serious?? Have much fun with Homey without even having Google Home!

I’ve just switched from Vira.

I’m 90% happy about the improved system, but strangely the Google Home integration is the one area it fails.

I used Vira Concierge which would make Vira based devices show up directly in Google Home, allowing direct control instead of the “tell homey…” route.

It would be nice ot not have to add routines for every device and action I would like to do.

Is the assistant still not supported when homey is on dutch language? Assistant is availible and working in dutch on my phone… Im getting this message;

Rocodamelshe, is Homey just a funny gadget or can it indeed be used to automate your home and make life more easy? Sure, Homey is fun on it’s own as well, but some of us want more out of it and have lots of devices connected to Homey as a central hub. Homey is only in one location, I want to control my devices throughout the house, preferably by voice control. Google Home mini is an inexpensive way to accomplish that, and has way better voice recognition as well.
The only issue is that the integration with Homey is actually non existent at the moment.

@Tiggerito, I totally agree. Other parties have great integration with Google Home and Alexa. I wish homey could focus more on this.

@Marcel_Visser, the google home speakers don’t support Dutch yet as far as I know. The assistant is available for phones in Dutch, but still in beta testing on google home. Probably will be available later this year. We have to wait a bit longer.

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If only u knew. Even counting how many beers are left in the barrel, displayed on an IPad in the bar, is running on Homey!


I do, and hopefully Athom will realize soon as well so we get a backup and restore mechanism in place as well as a working google home integration.

To me and lots of others Homey is much more than a simple funny looking device that can also turn on or off a light or two. If my Homey breaks down now even the simplest things like turning a light on or off will fail.

Not having backup and restore and the lack of some important integrations do make me wonder if Homey is indeed fit for more professional home automation as well or it is indeed a funny gadget being used by some in the wrong way.

Backup is in the pipeline for 2.1 I heard but that’s a different story me guess. All here is automagically done with Homey. Have 150+ devices and 350+ flows running so , besides home automation, I have a lot of fun with Homey. Every single day!
So stating Homey is pretty useless without google home is not nice me guess

True, homey is not useless without google home integration, but the speech recognition from different devices is. So if that is your goal then MakeItEasy has a point.

I thought I had a lot of devices, but you are still way ahead of me. Nice to know that Homey is capable of running them all. I’m currently having issues with some Z-Wave switches, it takes a couple of seconds before the scene responds and sometimes does not respond at all, killing the wife acceptance factor.

My google home is connected to WiFI and that is stable throughout the house, voice commands with google home always seem to work as well (limited to the “i’m home” and “goodnight” building routines). Perhaps because the dimmers are powered by the grid where those light switches use a battery or perhaps because of a Z-Wave protocol error. For that I would love to see the new Z-Wave protocol go live soon (heard they were releasing to Beta by now).

A voice controlled house where I would no longer need any battery powered switches or remote controls would be ideal. Dutch support for Google home is on its way as well.

Another huge issue at the moment is that my voice is recognized and bounded to homey, but my wife’s and kids voices are not. So I can start a routine, but if they do so google responds that Homey is not setup for their account. You want everyone in the house to use voice control, even guests.


Same issue here… I mostly use google home routines to avoid this, but not ideal.

Would be great if homey could have some alias for this, like Athom or something…

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Having the same issue. I think the alias option would be great as a temporary solution before having the full integration with Google home.

I cant even connect my google mini to homey. When im trying to send my send to device"It says Homey isn’t responding right now, Try again soon."

Is there anyway to add google home to homey?


I had the exact same problem, i ended up disabling the voice personalisation. So everyone could use it. Only thing is that it doesnt recognize your voice anymore, so you can’t say what are my plans for today

Making fun of community members having problems isn’t either, specially not for a moderator.
It contributes to the feeling that Athom is not taking the device they sell serious, together with the customers who bought it.


I don’t see where i did make fun of community members in this topic.
If u have any problems with me being a moderator plz contact @Bram ,
Now let’s get back on-topic plz… U can always contact me via PM if u like to discuss this any further.

Hi, could you explain to me how you accomplished this? I found one setting, but now if I say “Goodnight” to google home it starts nagging about voice personalization not being setup and I should do that first. Also asking spotify to play some music fails because it tells me that it does not know what account to use.

Hi, you need to remove ‘Voice Match’. It won’t recognize your voice anymore so personal stuff doesn’t work, but that doesn’t matter to us since we only want to talk against Google when Homey needs to do something.

I was struggling alot with this and I’m not sure if you can disable it or remove the device and re-add it again.