[APP] Google Smart Device Management integration

Hi there, in another topic I asked if there would be any people interested in an integration with Google’s smart devices. Since there is I will try and update this topic every now and again with new information.

I am developing this thing in my spare time and it’s really hard getting all the data needed to develop this and it’s also going to be hard for the end users (you guys) to get all the credentials you need. (Check out the preliminary readme I wrote on it: github.com/b03tz/homey-google-smart-devices/blob/main/README.md)

Current development status: In progress (private testing)

Release status: Not ready to release alpha or beta yet

Working functionality: Doorbell pressed event, doorbell camera motion event, doorbell sound event

What I need from you guys: Somebody that owns a NEST thermostat and is willing to test my code on a regular basis (at least respond to my messages once every 2 days) Current applied users: wesley_w, Mark1541

What I also need from you guys: People that own a NEST doorbell to beta test my app if it’s ready. Current applied users: wesley_w, Mark1541, Tomm

Another challenge that I have is that I only own the camera. This is the reason I started developing this. I don’t have a NEST thermostat or any other NEST devices. I will try to make the doorbell work perfectly and use that logic to be able to develop the thermostat implementation as well.


I’m willing to help and beta test your app on the Nest Hello Doorbell and Thermostat and cameras if you have intentions to support these as wel.

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Thanks mate, I added you to the list.

As my thermostat is still working fine on the old Nest account i pass for this moment but in later stadium i love to test it

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I’m having a nest doorbell and an nest V3 thermostat I want also test the app if that’s possible ?

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Happy to test the doorbell :facepunch:t4:

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Added you guys. First going to try and make the doorbell happen, thermostat is 2nd on the agenda.


Great !!! Looking forward

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I have a doorbell, thermostat and smokedetectors. So if i can help let me know how.

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I have a homey blue iris a google nest hello doorbell google nest hub so I would like everything to work so I also want to participate

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Currently another user just posted that he already has a fully working app for homey including doorbell and thermostat. He said he’ll release a demo coming wednesday, I will wait for that to see if it’s good (so far the screenshots look great!). If it works perfectly I will stop development on my plugin since he’s already gotten it to a point where it’s almost release ready.

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I’m still in if you need any support / testing! Of course I understand your choices.

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I just hope his app works as great as it looks! Then I’d rather support that app (either financially or by helping him develop it) then continue on my, still relatively small, code base.

If it turns out that he doesn’t release it or he doesn’t want to support it anymore I will still release/maintain mine. Either way the community gets a Google integration which was my complete point of starting this! :smiley: