Is Google Nest support still wanted?

I couldn’t help but notice there is no google nest support. I have written an app that integrates with google’s new Smart Device Management API and I have my doorbell working with motion / sound / chime (button pressed) triggers.

I currently just use it privately as it’s a bit of a mess but if there’s any interest I might clean up the code and release it. The way this integration works should also make it possible for other devices to work relatively easy. It’s even possible to download camera event image sources to do stuff with (I haven’t tried this yet).

Let me know!

As a heads up; this method (the API) requires you to register at Device Access Registration  |  Google Developers for a one time $5 fee


Yes please! :+1:t2::grinning::gift::balloon:
As I understand you could also make it work with Nest Protect?


I am interested, good luck


Hello! I‘m also very interested!

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Currently I only see support for Camera, Display, Doorbell and Thermostat in the docs: Smart Device Management API  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers

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I’d love google thermostat!


Oeh, yes, Please!!!

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I still run my thermostat on the old api, but a new app would be nice!

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I really want to make the thermostat code as well; but I don’t own a Google Thermostat (got the Tado running). I hope I can integrate it without having the actual device.

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Think lots of guys are willing to test it!

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Yes please :smiley:

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I edited the main post; just so you know: Google requires you to pay $5 (as a one time fee) to be able to use the Device Access Registration

“You will not be able to create a project until you have accepted both Terms of Service and paid the registration fee. This applies to all users, both individual users and those looking to create a commercial offering.” - source Device Access Registration  |  Google Developers


That would be great if the Nest thermostat and possibly the Nest Protect can be added to Homey again. Really looking forward to it.

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Oh yes need that too so much of course!

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Yes and big yes

I hope you can release it soon or a beta ?

Oh man, Google has made it so hard to be able to subscribe to events (which is at least neccesary for a doorbell to function).

Can some of you guys read this and tell me if this would make you not use this plugin: (be sure to click the link, it’s alot longer then the forum shows)

I have tried to make it as clear as possible, but it’s just really hard the way Google did this. This is the information the app would need to be able to have a working subscription that can handle events.

Really nice that youre making an app for the nest ! is it only going to support the doorbell? i have a nest thermostat really like to use it in homey :smiley:

Hey Wesley, what functionality do you want from your thermostat? I can see the API provides commands to: Set temperature, set mode, change the temperature setpoints (heat point, cool point).

If you want to show your current temperature you would also need to subscribe to the event API using the same method. Since your thermostat will send a temperature update event in the subscription which the Homey app should respond to (set the device value to that target temperature, etc)

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Yes please!!

That would be awesome: Thermostat / Doorbell + image / Camera’s

If you release this working app you can receive the pledge

There is some sort of tutorial available for home-assistant: