NEST API support via Unofficial Nest Learning Thermostat API

As many of you know, Nest has stopped using the official NEST API (, but I came across this unofficial NEST API on GitHub:

Could this be something to make communication with the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect possible again?


Here’s another alternative for HomeAssistant, even works for those who have migrated their account from ‘works with nest’ to ‘works with google’:

I’m no coder, but if there ARE alternatives. Is there anyone who can look into this?

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Is there anyone who looked into it?

Yeah, hope somone can make it work. For me the only thing i need to do with it is to set the temp.

Same here, a smart home definitely needs temperature control!
Is there a way to get the integration more attention on this forum?

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no one yet?

Guess it’s not coming :frowning:

My Nest won’t allow updates via Homey anymore. I never migrated my Nest account to a Google account, so it should still work, but as of 2 days ago the connection is broken. When I try to logon, I only get a ‘oops, something we’ve encountered an error’.

Anyone else seeing these errors? Too bad, this is my 2nd thermostat that is no longer working with Homey.

Correction, it does still work with Home Assistant, so it’s a Nest in combination with Homey error?

Still connected overhere

Reading a lot of people who somehow lost their connection in HomeAssistant, they were able to get it back with an old backup, no such luck with Homey. The nest app says there are no devices linked (or something like that) in my account, in my nest account I see 2 homeys (?) connected. I think I’m screwed. New device connections are not allowed anymore with works with Nest.

It is all a bit random. Some still have access some don’t (like me). I removed the app from Homey and migrated my account to a Nest account. Point of no return form me… still hope we can have an integration some day.