Get current temperature from Nest


Maybe there is already a topic about this but I couldn’t find what I’m looking for.
I was wondering if there is a way to get information out of google home to homey, i’m especially interested in the current temperature readings from nest, but there are a lot more possibility’s if this integration would be possible.
The Nest is already transferred to “works with google” and google home is intergraded with homey. Google home is able to control my homey devices but not vice versa.

What i’m looking for specific is to start a flow when the outside temperature is above the inhouse temperature, this information is available within nest so i’m hoping to get it to homey.

Nope unfortunately this is not possible. If you already added Nest and did not migrate to google home you can have still have some options with Homey or Google. If not there are no possibilities to do anything with Nest.:imp:

well it is possible, but someone has to write an app to connect to google’s (new) API where you can do lots of stuffs.

Allright, assumed that it would’ve worked with the google home… shouldn’t have bought it…

Any other suggestions to achieve the same result? Besides buying an other thermostat. I’ve read some stuff about ifttt but I’m sceptic to try my luck there.

Nope Ifttt has the same problem as Homey has. Only nest devices already added to ifttt and not migrated.

It works in Home Assistant. You can install there and use a virtual thermostat in Homey to talk to that. Other option is use Node-red to connect through Alexa API and push that info back to Homey with tags.
I do both and it works well.