Smart thermostat controlled direct with Homey

Looking for a nice looking smart thermostat that can be controlled directly by Homey.
I bought a Nest a while ago to be controlled by Homey. Then Google decided to ditch homey support.
I did not upgrade from “works with nest” to “works with google” so I could keep on using nest with Homey. Still many times Homey can not get the status from my thermostat so the flows hanging of there won’t work. I have since realized that having a smart home being dependend on the internet or accounts is not a good thing. I started to use Eurotronic radiator valves as the are directly controlable by Homey although the are a bit clumsy in looks at least they work . Now I am looking for a Smart thermostat capable of opentherm and can communicate with Homey directly. Does any body know if these are available?

Here you go:

And google IS your friend: