Best compatible Smart Thermostat

Hi all,
I’m looking for a solution to control my central heating with OpenTherm.
What is the best Homey-compatible smart thermostat (OpenTherm)?

Nest is nog supported anymore. So a friend suggested the Plugwise Anna.
I read Anna has different versions, is that only firmware or are there hardware versions as well?

Does anyone know if a rooted Toon works well with Homey?
Or anyone with a Tado V3+ that works with Homey?

Or do some of you have any other suggestions?

I’m curious!

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I’m using Netatmo for the past 2 years without a single problem.
It is a member of OpenTherm as far as I know.
EDIT: And it still works if no internet or even if no wifi or if a dead Homey.

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Was best for you?, thats what you need to determine yourself.
Is the price relevants? (Evohome is expensive but offers zone regulation)
What functionality do you need? Do you need zones? (That limits your options…)
Is it OK to only control you heating by homey? (Tado and other systems offer control via wifi and BT but it does mean you are not able to control your heater when homey or wifi is down, is that acceptable to you (or more important, the wife)
Is it important what the controllers look like?

I use the Tado v3+ and works great with Homey.
Even OpenTherm works great and you can see how many percentage it is heating in the app.

I have used the Dutch ThermoSmart. Never had any issues.

Thanks for all the answers. Tado V3+ was on my list, but I’m gonna try the Anna as I was able to buy it second hand for a fair price.
I want to program Homey to zone my system without hooking myself up to a of-the-shelf solution.

Plugwise user here. Seen some hickups in the past. It runs like a charm now.

Big benefit: the Tom valves communicate with the boiler directly. So per-room-heating is possible. Which is a very nice feature. Also, you can keep your own OT thermostat if you like or put a Nest/Netatmo thermostat in. It would be for looks only. The thermostat would be dumbed-down.

Have a Plugwise Anno now and it works like a charm!
First a bought a second hand one via the Dutch “marktplaats”, but it seemed to be a NLE version (Dutch Energy Provider), that was stuck at firmware version 1.8.20 and could not be detected by Homey.
So I ordered a brandnew one and it worked almost out of the box :wink:

Now busy with the zone script in Homey Script, very nice environment!