Recommendations for WIFI Thermostats

I’m looking into upgrading my old thermostat to a smart model. I’m seeing a lot of good reviews for Nest, Ecobee, and Emerson. What I really need is easy configuration and setup, energy savings, voice-enabled and compatibility with Alexa. So far I think of going into Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat based on its energy savings and design, saw on this link - Has anyone had any feedback? :thinking:

Have the Nest: it just works, design top, family understand this domotica peace. Unfortunately the Nest api ended by Google. Integration with Homey is a bit disappointing, thnx to Google.

Temperature stays nice, no big differences in temperature.

Before Nest i had Tado and Thermosmart. Tado is nice but a ugly design and you need a subscription for special features. Thermosmart had large temperature differences (deal breaker)and also a ugly design.

Most important in my family was its design. WAF is top. Everyone in my house understands how the thermostat works. Its is the most simple thermostat. As for the others I had to explain how they work.

I’ve been using Netatmo for two years now and it has been great.
It ticks all your boxes including Alexa.
And it works well with Homey, too.

Big fan of Tado here

TADO here too, no problem and family love the easy use

I have a Nefit Easy (weathercontrol modus) and Honeywell EvoHome system. Works great :sunglasses:

I have a Nefit Easy as well, but we are moving to a new home in a few months, I already bought a Tado start set for that.

I don’t agree with @Marcel_Ubels that Tado is ugly, I think the Tado design is clean and minimalistic. On the contrary, I don’t like the bulky Nest that much. But tastes do differ indeed. :wink:

I personally use Homey as a thermostat in combination with z-wave valves on my radiators. But if I would buy a ‘regular’ smart thermostat, I would 100% certain go for Plugwise Adam. My main reason for this is, is that it isn’t dependend on your internet connection or cloud services - Those are optional.

(so, you can use the app in your house if your internet is down or a cloud service has a disruption. Also, suppose something happens to the vendor, your equipment will keep working)

Edit: A nice example of stopping Cloud Services: Nest + Homey = Dead API by 31th August
(regardless of the fact that it currently still works. You are completely dependend on the vendor and if it stops supporting/goes bankrupcy, you’re screwed)

TADO also still work without internet :wink:

I checked a year ago, and the smart stuff (control via app/WiFi) didn’t work without without Internet. It is still usable ‘manually’ without Internet.

Maybe they changed it in the past year.

And Netatmo has no such problem. No internet, it still works via the app pithing your home network since it comes with its own Wifi relay.

Yes, that’s true, but Netatmo doesn’t support Opentherm. Only on/off. Plus that Plugwise is a Dutch company, and I like to support my local economy. This was one of the reasons I bought a Homey sphere.

But I agree that Netatmo is a good alternative. (it’s French, so you’d at least support a European company)

Although I really enjoyed my Nest I sold my it just because they ended the public api. Also some new requirements have developed, multizone heating. After a try with many flows, sensors and relays I decided to buy a Honeywell evohome system. Yes it is expensive but they support floor heating as well. It has wifi connectivity and app control but it runs all the programs locally. Also the zone control is really good. I would like to see a bit more data within their api though.

I have an Ecobee, and I have been really happy with it. Though i’ve had issues eith the Homey app. The Ecobee hardware and software are rock solid.

hello, i’m looking for a thermostat too that work with floor heating, same suggestion? TADO, NETATMO, others?