Best compatible Smart Thermostat without WiFi

Hi all!

During the night all my wifi devices turn off and the Internet connection is turned off so i am looking for a thermostat that doesn’t use wifi (better zigbee or z-wave) and which homey can fully control.
What do you think is the best device?


Probably Plugwise is an option. Tado is not.

Devolo radiator thermostat. It’s not the most modern, but works very reliably. In connection with the Devolo wall thermostat, for me the best combination for manual or automatic heating control.

Radiators or floor heating?

Heatit thermostat is simple and works with Homey. Im using it in combination with Fibaro relay, because thermostat and central heater are not connected by cable. In this case, also direct association works perfect, so in case Homey is down for any reason, heating still works independent.

Hi, I meant a wall thermostat. Regards

So for electrical or water floor heating?

Or to control the thermostats from a wall heater/radiator?

Sorry, I meat wall thermostat to control radiator.

Then I would also recommend the thermostats from HeatIt.

Thanks everyone for the help!