Best Thermostat

Currently my house uses an simple thermostat where I turn the knob to set a temperature.
I want to switch to a smart thermostat so I can turn it down and make shedules.

My house has a radiator in every room but I would only want a seperate radiatorvalve in the bedroom and bathroom. In the livingroom and kitchen I currently have some radiators but soon I will get under floor heating. The living room is also where I would place my thermostat.

I am looking for a smart thermostat that can heat up the bedroom/bathroom even when the livingroom is already warm enough but I am not sure if this is possible.

The tado and netatmo are both nice looking and work with homey.
Also a + is that they both work on battery as well as wired.

Are there other thermostats I should look at that are not on the homey site that are supported by homey?

@Tinnman, if you are looking for some thermostats to use for your upcoming floor heating.
I use the Heatit Z-TRM3 and I’m very happy with them. :slight_smile:

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I like the Nest Thermostat very much. Biggest advantage was the WAF for my wife and the way you turn the heat on or off the way the oldfashioned thermostats work, just rotating.

And it is supported by Homey with the Nest SDK.

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I’m very happy with tado

Do you have the Tado on battery or wired?
Tado says the battery lasts 5-6 months but online I sometimes hear only 3 weeks.
3 weeks is not really acceptable.

I don’t know what battery peeps use when they die out in 3 weeks but, my tado needs new batteries roughly every 10 months, and I buy the cheapest ones I can lay my hands on.
I send about 10 temp changes a day, and Homey about 5.
(I think the manual changes use most of the batteries, while the display is briefly switched on then)

My tado is wired to my heating system, but tado didn’t provide a way to use the 12V it sends along with the signal wires.

And, you can power it with a mains power adapter!
€ 4,00