Nest + Homey = Dead API by 31th August

The NEST Api will shutdown by 31th August. I use the Nest Home and Away function for many flows in my automation.

I have in my house
Nest Thermostat 1x
Nest Protect 4x
Nest Cams 3x

So the thermostat and protect will not be available in Homey anymore.

Flows for presence I use to automate my lights and Flows for turning on all the light when a smoke alarm is activated are useless.

What are your thoughts?

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There is an official solution:


I think this is out of Athom’s hands !!! So this topic can be closed…

Or place it to a general discussion thread?

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I also run alot of flows based on the home/away status of Nest. okay, it is out of the hands of Homey but it can’t be that we have to ditch all our Nest equipment (thermostat, smoke detectors)

I just received an email from Athom that the Homey Nest app will be removed, just like that no other feasible alternative than, buy a different one!

at homey moderators: if you decide to close this topic, fine, but please provide a place for people to discuss this issue.

I think a discussion is good. Ofcourse there is nothing Athom can do about this situation.

I for one will not buy any new Nest stuff. I really like my Nest Thermostat and Nest protect though, so I’m not going to swap it for now.

Is there any integration possible with Google Assistant to still get status updates? Or set a temperature? Since the latest Homey firmware supports Google Assistant… (I am not familiar with GA at all)

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Still worth commenting! A lot of Homey users have Nest smoke detectors, including me! A totalt waste of investment now! So, Nest sold their soul to Google? Well, Google is getting scary, to much power over the consumer! Homey should ban Google assistant! NEST is gone, finished, never more!

It should be possible to use via IFTTT, still very annoying!

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What a b…shit answer!!

You also personal ban everything what have to do with google… duhh

Back to on-topic you Always can discuss it, but then i think about what you wanna having a disscusion? if ist gonne be about other ways to get precensens ect ect. That can be done in already existing topic ofcourse.

A lot of people would ban Google, if possible! Thank you for your opinion on the matter!

the only thing i can do right now……….


Moved to devices.

I’m working on banning google from my digital life for while now (it is hard, trust me!)

But if Google provides an API again under the google brand would homey re-open the nest-app and convert the api calls to the google ones?

Currently I’m looking into the honeywell lyric (love the Evohome concept but a bit costly)

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I sure hope so!

No API integration from Google Assistant will be available.

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Says who?

There will be no 3rd party control. So maybe there will be a only “read state” but then they will need to create a new API that works with google Home/Assistant. I hope I’m wrong but probably they will not put any effort in this type of request. They want google home/assistant to be the center of routines and actions not Homey.

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Actually, nest was already bought by Google a few years(?) back.
It was kinda bound to happen, though this soon (they did promise nothing would change) is kinda weird.

Myself also have a nest thermostat and love(d) it to bits as it pretty much always worked.

It will still keep working of course, just 3rd party apps/devices will not be able to read or write to it, that includes homey, and any other automation thing, even IFTTT will stop working as they make use of the same api’s

Logitech tried to do the same with their harmony hub, but had so much backlash that they partially changed their minds.
Not so sure Google will do the same though.

I do appreciate athom actually taking the time to let their users know immediately when it became announced, and offer an option, it is of course only 1 option of which there are many.

Not much for an option here down under as the only approved smart smoke detector by the government is Nest.
Fibaro smoke detector does not even exists down under.

Sucks big time…

Workaround could be to use Tasks on my iPhone…

This is HORRIBLE news… makes we want to boycott Google devices but that would be very expensive at this stage… so Hey, Google -Thanks a Yahoo!

I think the Athom email is kinda funny… they said

We view this action as a breach of trust on their end and an unfair move impacting consumers’ freedom.

Which I agree with!

Interestingly, @Athom, this is how you make us feel with missed promises of integrations and features.
I guess @Athom, that tells what Google thinks of your complaint


This is really bad news. The only way to let homey communicate to my nest thermostat would be to let them literally speak with eight other. So homey can talk to your Google home and say something like; OK Google, set nest to eco.

But personally, I think I will sell all my Google products and buy something else.