Wich smoke detector?

For our house I want to make our smoke detectors smart.
I preferred Nest Protect. But since it is no longer connectable with Homey, this is no longer an option (Nest + Homey = Dead API by 31th August).
The question is, what is a good alternative?
Wish list:

  • AC power;
  • Can be placed on an electrical box in the ceiling (size not too small);
  • preferably also a motion sensor;
    Very curious.
    Thanks in advance.
    Greetings, Klaas

Are you sure that AC power is the way you want to go? If there is short circuit causing the fire, it will most probably blow fuses and you wont detect fire/smoke. Battery devices can last several years on one battery and have battery replace notification.
Im using Fibaro for more than 3 years and it works without any problem.

Maybe Popp Smoke Sensor. There is an external 220v adapter available.

But without motion Sensor.

Dutch regulation prescribes that they have an AC connection (with backup battery).
(For the dutchies: bouwbesluit).

Therefore this requirement.

this one

I will review it and come back to it. thnx

Until recently the Popp 4001 smoke detector haven’t been working properly. However, @mapulu has found the issue and there will be a fix for it. Just so you know before you leave your verdict.

Maybe for new to be build houses, yes,
but this is definitely not required as long as the smoke alarm has the EN 14604 certificate, this includes any battery only alarms, even without a battery low indicator can have this certificate, as long as it mentions that you need to replace the batteries every year.

you can read all about it on the awesome (dutch!) website https://www.brandweer.nl/


there is no good alternative for nest protect i guess

ok that was new for me, thnx