Fireangel smoke detector or other AC connected alternatives


anyone tested generic inclusion of Fireangle smoke detectors? (i know there is a community app request for it, but i don’t think there is any progress there)

or other AC connected alternatives?


I want this one so badly I almost want to buy Futurehome just for this purpose, since there is no available app for Homey.

I dont understand why no one is talking about this one, or why there is no other good alternatives on the market (since Google nest protect shut down their API).

The only decent alternative I have found is POPP.

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I have used FH for 2 years, but the development of new functionality have taken longer than they first expected and at times the stability has been an issue.

But now it looks like they will be able to deliver a new native app for Android and ios Q1 2020 with more automation features. They have also been working on anew backend + exposing the API of the z-wave GW.

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This is a good point, I have not found any Z Wave, mains powered smoke detectors for UK Market. Fireangel should also fit existing ceiling mount. Would of course look forwards to an app

I have the SDCO, and I’m missing support in Homey as well. I don’t have any knowledge regarding making apps in Homey, but it would be nice if anyone who do, concider making one for this.
I have both the AC, and the one with just battery, for testing.
I’m considering buying a Futurehome HUB, and connect it through IFTTT. This will not be an ideal solution, but now I don’t have much choice.

I have bought 4 and also would realy like an app. I’m willing to donate or lent one out.

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First FireAngel app version is in the app store now.
For now only with CO Sensor support.
Smoke sensor (battery and 230v) will be supported next week I hope.


Realy nice!! I have both smoke sensors and love it to use it with Homey!

Wauw realy exited!

Support for Smoke Sensors has been added to the app.
Waiting for approval.

You can test is here:

All FireAngel Smoke Sensor use the same product ID as far as I could test, so there is only one driver for the Smoke Sensor but it should work with all smoke sensors. I tested ST-630-INT and SM-F-1EU.

If you find any problems, please let me know.


Yes it works. Thank You so much! I was hoping i could use the sirene of the fireangel for example my alarm or floot sensor. Any change This is possible?

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Zwave and zigbee protocol?

Unfortunately not, I tried it. But the Smoke Alarm only send there information. There is no way to control the siren.

For now only Z-Wave, zigbee maybe later.

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Hope you will add the zigbee also.
Will it work as a repeater when it’s on power?

Really perfect! It’s working well! Thank you very much!

Will the zwave module for the Fire Angel work as a repeater when it works on main power?

Hi i have the Fireangel W2-C0-10X, see pic, im in the UK, i see the app supports the W2-C0-10X-INT, is there a difference between the one i have?

If so will the one i own be supported in the future, ive tried to include but not had any luck.

Unfortunately not, the Z-wave module doesn’t get power from the Smoke Sensor. It has his own battery.

I should be, but you have to install the Z-Wave module from FireAngel. You have the W2 module.

Indeed, unfortunately.
Do you know about an other brand who has this option or do you only know about Fireangel?