Fireangel smoke detector or other AC connected alternatives

I’m not sure, but POPP has a smoke sensor that can be power with a external power supply. But the battery need to stay inside, even with the power supply connected.

Added support to know the difference between pressing the test button or a actual smoke alarm. Test version is online.

You will need to reinclude your smoke sensor to get it to work.

Nice. I see two states now. Alarm and test. But how can i use the test state? In test situation both states are on. So the alarm is going on.

Well, you can’t send the test, it’s receive only. But no you know when you tested or when there is a real smoke alarm.

What smoke sensor do you have?
I tested with the battery powered one. When pressing the test button on the smoke sensor the test state in homey changes.

I understand that i cannot send a command. But in the flow of my fire alarm i cannot change the trigger that its a real alarm or a test?

Ah, I understand. I will make a new flow trigger for test.

That would be really nice! Thnx

Flow trigger for test button added for smoke sensor.


Really welcome app!! Thanks a bunch.

Any thoughts on the zigbee implementation? I have a lot of zigbee routers that could make the connection more stable than z-wave? If not on your planning anytime soon I’ll probably order the z-wave one.

Also; if all sensors are linked to each other (hard wired), would 1 z-wave module be enough since it picks up the state of the other devices?


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I’m working on Zigbee, but i’m not that familiar with zigbee, so it could take some time.

Yes, when you link the sensors hard wired you will need one Z-Wave module. I tested it and going to use it in my own house like that.


Just received the z-wave module and tested the app. Have to say that it’s a breeze! Really cool to be able to make my “dumb” Smoke detectors smart in such an easy way!!

Appreciating your efforts Momotica!

Hello Momotica,

I have one issue. I can create a test flow, so the state is added. Thanks for that.

I also need to change my fire alarm trigger to alarm is on, but I also need to check or the test alarm is off, so then I know it’s a real alarm. When I test my device, the test alarm and the alarm is on. Or are I doing something wrong in here?

I want to say that I’m really happy that I can now use my FireAngel smoke detectors in Homey.

With kind regards,
Rob Bruining

Im looking into buying the smoke/heat/co sensor with Z-wave modules. Reading this topic I found myself to have a question: Does the detector send the name when it is in alarm (or test) so you can determine which detector is activated?
Example: If I have 4 detectors, basement (my spot), livingroom (family spot), attic (mother in law?) and technicalroom, can you see in Homey which detector is activated so I can send a message with the name ?
That way I can rush to the spot or decide to let it burn?

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No it does not unless you do not link them between each other and add a zwave module per detector, i guess

@Momotica, any idea if this app is supported on V5? Haven’t been brave enough yet to upgrade myself but this is quite an important app for me.


@Hannes85 to answer your question, I’m using V5 and it works!!!

But I have a strange issue. I have two identical ST-630-INT smoke detectors with seemingly identical Z-wave modules, but only one of them seems to be working properly.

One of them has an eternal always on smoke alarm and does not trigger any flows when I press the test button. The other one is working very very well (thanks by the way @Momotica , amazing app!).

The inclusion process was the same for both, super easy, fast and without issues.
It’s not a connection issue I think, the working one works from far away trough 2 walls, the non-working one does not work even when it’s right next to Homey.
I’ve tried removing and re-including the non-working one several times, no luck.

The only difference seems to be a weirdly low (for a new unit) battery indicator for the smoke detector I can’t connect to. It’s already at 88%, while the other one that works is on 100%.
So somehow it’s reporting something, but I can’t get it to trigger flows or turn off the smoke alarm indicator in Homey.

Do I have a faulty z-wave unit?
Should I try to replace the (new) battery?
What do you guys think?

Thanks for the input!

Some screenshots:

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Did you try to reinclude the faulty smoke detector?
I’ve had the same before, when pushing the test button the fault disappeared. Or when reinclude the fault disappeared.

Let me know, you can also send me a email.

Thanks for the quick response!

I feel a bit stupid, I’m sorry for wasting your time, I got it to work, finally.

I must’ve reincluded the device 10 times or more, even before you mentioned it, but it didn’t work.
So what I did was pull the z-wave module out and pull the battery out of the z-wave module.
Tried to see if everything was dust-free, put everything back in and left it alone for an hour or so.
And then I reincluded again, same way as the 10/20 times before.
And eureka, it worked! I was probably just really unlucky the first few times?

Thanks again for the awesome app and the support!

Hello, I have 13 hardwired Fireangle smoke detector and a z-wave module in each one. Is there no way for Homey to detect which room that set off the alarm. Since they are all hardwired every alarm goes off simultaneously and homey reports fire in every room…

How is integration with Zigbee coming along? I have a few of these and a Zigbee module that I would like to use