Fireangel smoke detector or other AC connected alternatives

@Momotica, really hoping you could spend some time on the Sdk 3 conversion. Happy to gift you if that helps!

I have tried to contact Menno but so far no response. I also contacted FireAngel, but no answer there either. An update would be very welcome. Also because of the lack of alternatives.

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Is there perhaps anyone else able to take this on if a developer has completely abandoned an app? Not sure how this progress works but it would be really great if support on this product line is continued. Got quite some money invested into it…

@Momotica I have an issue with a wired smoke detector. My smoke detector was defect and I get a new one. Removed it from Homey and added it again. Used the teat button and from that moment on I get test messages almost every hour. Again and again. It only shows test deactivated.

Yes the new fireangel device has a bit of a different way it reads the test function. Still works for “real” smoke triggers though.

Also, the developer has vanished… been trying to reach out to him many times but he’s not got any focus on this app/platform anymore.

@Arie_J_Godschalk was looking into taking over the app but not sure what the latest status is other than not having the source.

Hmmmm good to hear you have the same issue and it can be explained. Hope that someone will and can fix this.

@Momotica has said he’ll do his best to update the app. At least, that was a few weeks ago. Maybe he can confirm again or transfer the app to another developer?

I was not aware there had been contact with the developer to be honest so I’m pleasantly surprised! Would be great if we can get an update!

The developer has told me he won’t be updating the app anytime soon so another developer is allowed to take over the app. If there are any volunteers, let me know.

The app was probably OK although I never managed to get my devices on Homey and I blame Fireangel for that, their hardware is OK as a smoke detector bug their own app is terrible, it does remarkably little. I had bought a CO detector and the hub to experiment and won’t be buying any more