Heiman smoke detector

I was just browsing for a new smoke detector when I found this old topic:

It seems it never got supported. But then I found this:

The Zipato smoke detector seems to be the exact same thing as the Heiman one.
Of course: the Heiman is available for about 30 dollars including shipping. Did anyone test the Heiman smoke detector with the Zipato plugin, just to see if it works out of the box?

Good question.
I do use now Fibaro Smoke detectors. In house these are working fine, but in the garage not.
I now tried two different fibaro’s in the garage but until now at beginning of the winter the fibaro is starting false smoke detection several times a day. (Reason I don’t know: Lower temp? Higher humidity?) Very anoing. After trying twice Fibaro with the same results, I decide to stop with Fibaro in the garage (A pitty because it looks very nice). So I’m looking for an other brand and wondering if Heiman/ Zipato is a good solution.
Other ideas are welcome also

Just tried to start the heiman z wave smoke detector with the zipato app…

doesn’t work.

Probably won’t match the z-wave manufacture number in the app.

Together with Robbshop.nl, I will be creating an dedicated Heiman app.
At first for the Z-wave devices, but likely the Zigbee versions will follow.


Thanks Ted. Very nice

Thats great i have a few of them.
Will it come to the app store?

It aint fun to create an app and not share it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks!!! Just received them from Ali, but can only use them as regular smoke alarms! Super that you’re helping out

It’ll only work when bought from Robbshop.nl

:disappointed_relieved: Why is that? Is Robbshop sponsering in return for having them working only via their distribution?

There is no limit that it will only work with devices bought at Robbshop.nl (forgot the :wink:); it will work with all Heiman devices.

But yes, Robbshop is supporting several Homey developers (and therefore also the end-users) in building their apps and extending the devices being supported by Homey.

Which also sounds fair; bought already several Fibaro devices from them; great shop. Looking forward to the release, thanks again!

When do you think it will be released?
Will it be with V2 of the homey software as i understand V1.? has no alarm function?

Oe, this is what I’ve been waiting for sinds I bought the homey!

Z-wave will be released in a couple of weeks.
Zigbee will indeed require the Zigbee rewrite (IAS cluster needs to be added) before these devices will be supported.

Ted, first of all thank you for your contributions to the Homey eco system. I am very glad with some of your apps! :slight_smile:

I do not understand the rewrite for Zigbee: is this the same issue that needs to be adressed to make the Xiaomi (Honeywell) smoke detectors work? And as far as I know the Zigbee rewrite is not part of the V2 release as such, correct?

I will wait for the Zigbee version. For some reason my Zigbee network seems to have a better range then the Z-Wave one…

Great work again Ted.

I have a Fibaro smokesensor now, but need two more. Will buy the multipack 4 pieces from Robbshop and share 2 for my dad’s Homey.

Do these smokesensor also have a temperature indicator?

No, they don’t have a temperature sensor (as far as I know)

@TedTolboom just bought three heiman smokedectors. I am still new with homey and didn’t even try to make a app, but can i be of any assistance with testings things?

@Shredder230 you should give it a try.
But be warned, after one device, more devices follow. After one app more apps will follow :grin:

I’ll build the app and will invite you to test it thoroughly.
But you guys need to promise me one thing: don’t burn down your house while testing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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