Heiman smart carbon monoxide (CO) sensor HS1CA-Z

@TedTolboom (can’t find a tag for the app developer on the forum)

Just added a HS1CA-Z to Homey. However, the test button does not trigger the alarm in Homey, so I’m also doubting if the alarm itself will be registered…

Opened an issue on GitHub, but not much activity there in the last months. Is there any way to directly contact the developer?

When added / triggered close to Homey as well?
I found the Heimans (both CO and smoke detectors) not very good at range capabilities. I added a Heiman smart plug to have better routing/range/coverage.

Especially with these safety devices you want a reliable coverage.

Thats why those devices always wil work standalone, the connection with smarthome is a bonus

Fibaro detectors send different messages for test and real alarm, and don’t trigger flows in Homey when testing. Maybe this is the same for Heiman? If so then it’s probably near impossible to test it though. With the Fibaro’s I need to rely on the z-wave range check function in the device.

Can you see if there’s regular contact between the device and Homey?

It would be nice if the alarm trigger was always called with a tag to show if it was a test or a real alarm.

No, when I push the testbutton on my Heimans, an alarm message is generated. There’s no separate types of messages.

Yes, also next to Homey the alarm is not triggered. In Homey Developer Z-wave, I do see the Rx count going up, so this means the signal is being received AFAIK. Battery level is also being reported. I have a Heiman smoke detector (also z-wave) that is working just fine.

My guess is that the alarm is somehow not processed? Do you have this specific Heiman CO sensor z-wave?

Yes, I have the same and that one is working fine… :confused:

Fixed! Removed the device and added again, and somehow now it is working properly. Probably something went wrong with the first pairing… :thinking:

Thanks for the help!

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