Heiman smoke detectors (both zwave and zigbee) don't trigger alarm

I noticed (while testing them with smoke) that both my Z-Wave and Zigbee Heiman smoke detectors don’t trigger an alarm in Homey. The siren of both rings correctly, both of them are correctly included but none triggers an alarm.
Is this a known bug or is there a workaround/fix ?

Show your flow(s).

2 Z-Wave pop smoke + 1 Honewell Zigbee + 2 Heiman (1Z-Wave+1Zigbee)
Capture d'écran 2024-07-07 132925

Correction : the Z-Wave detector triggers the alarm. It’s the Zigbee one which doesn’t (as shown in the timeline after I smoked it after adding it again)

Sounds like generic Zigbee issues, have you PtP’d your Homey?

I have an old Z-Wave box which main purpose is to unplug/plug Homey every day (and reboot everything if connection is lost…)…to no avail (I have the same pb with my 2nd Homey in a 2nd place too)

Odd, I rarely have to reboot my Homey’s.
Here you can download a Zigbee sensor check script, which you can run 1 or more times a day, so you’re not, or less often, surprised anymore.

Also, check if you’ve used enough Zigbee router devices, I’d say 3 meters max between devices, for indoors.

And don’t forget to tune the wifi and Zigbee channels, while they share the same 2.4GHz range. Even your close neighbours’ wifi signal can interfere with your Zigbee signal.

I’ll indeed try your script :slight_smile: but it’s Homey that disconnects from my LAN regularly not the sensors :rage:

I’ve had to take measures since I was/am regularly loosing it

  • disable Homey’s wifi since I supposed a very wifi-noisy neighbourhood was culprit
  • set a script on my ‘old’ Z-Wave box which unplugs/plugs Homey if it looses connection more than 5 mn

Though Homey is ethernet linked, the Homey-reboot script is triggered every other day. Sometimes twice a day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ah I see.
Please install Net Scan app and add a device which checks your router’s IP.
It’s probably less offline as the Homey app wants you to believe.

Also do write to support about this issue,
Ethernet should be pretty stable.

Try disabling Homey’s wifi (press pin for 8s for setup menu).
Do you actively use any network modifying tools, like, adblockers, piholes, Fritzbox?

I have Net scan installed and I regularly check that I am unable to connect to my Homey over Internet when my ‘old’ box detects it’s no longer seen on LAN.
Homey’s wifi is disabled and I have no network modifying tool.
I will indeed write to support

Did you already change the USB-C cable for a real decent one? It seems batches of crappy USB-C have been produced purchased and shipped.

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I missed this one ! I’ve just replaced the original usb-c with a shielded one. I’ll cross fingers it solves Homey’s disconnection problem

We drifted from the initial subject (Heiman zibgee smoke sensor not reporting alarms to Homey) but thanks for the hints/help for the Homey box connection :pray:

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I think not very far, with the information you provided, to me it seems Homey couldn’t always notify you via the push notifications because of network issues, next to the Zigbee issue :wink:
I do hope the USB cable solves the network issues.
And tune the Zigbee / wifi channels when they overlap.

I wish you’d be right but this smoke sensor is the only one which has not been reporting once to homey (126 Z-Wave + 32 Zigbee).
I’ll let you know in a few days if the new usb cable solved (hopefully) the network issues

Fair enough, then it’s possible only the Heiman Zigbee smokesensor has issues with certain Zigbee router devices combined at Homey.

But, I just see it’s not going smoothly with Zigbee Home Assistant either;
This possibly is a fix for you as well:

Or try to “interview” the sensor here https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/zigbee, keep in mind you’ll have to start by pressing the pair button shortly every 2s, to keep the sensor awake during the interview.

(Because the interview procedure sometimes unlocks or fixes things).

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6 days without any Homey’s automatic reboot confirms the USB original cable culpability.
Athom is kindly sending a new one.
Thanks @Peter_Kawa for the ‘hint’ :pray:

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