Smoke detector

Hello all,

I’m looking for a smoke detector device to connect with my Homey. What smoke detector do you use? Do you advice that device? I’m very curious to your opinions :smiley:


I use the Z-Wave smoke detector from Heiman. It is a very simple and inexpensive device, as it has no additional functions other than reporting smoke.
That’s why the batteries last a long time.

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I use Somfy smoke detectors. I have 3 of them around the house and they interlink so if one goes off then the others follow. I can also send a test command from Homey to check them and make them sound. They do require a Somfy hub, which I already had, so might be a bit expensive if you don’t have one for other devices.


I use the FIBARO Smoke Sensor / Z-Wave Plus Rauchsensor with integrated temperature sensor.

Easy installation, no problems so far, battery seems long lasting, small and inconspicuous.

Amazon * ASIN: B00HRE0MCI



I guess there are not that much supported ZigBee smoke detector available. I know that the Heiman smoke detector is also available as ZigBee version, but I don’t know exactly which app supports this version. Just search in the forum.

The Heiman zigbee smoke detectors are supported by the Trust Smart Home app


Newer versions not yet. Athom wrote to me they will update the Trust app to support this version too

this works with the latest app.

I have 2 Fibaro Smoke detectors.

I use smoke and heatdetectors from Fireangel. They have a slot for z-wave plus module. You can connect them wired also. This works fine. They have an zigbee-module too, but a few months ago that did not work yet.

I also use the Heimann z-wave smoke detectors plus the Heimann carbonmonoxide detectors.

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I use KlikAanKlikUit zigbee battery (3 years) smoke detectors (homey bridge) About 30 euri. Small and a nice design. Flow connected with Sonos.
Groet van Ruud

I use Tuya smokedetectors they work great also zigbee versions or WiFi what you want. Search with AliExpress not expensive and I tested them with smoke detector test can.

@Michiel_Nijmegen, now it’s you turn. Make a decision… :joy:

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I choose these ones KlikAanKlikUit - Draadloze Rookmelder - ZSDR-850 |

So the KlikAanKlikUit - Draadloze Rookmelder - ZSDR-850. It is a zigbee smoke detector. Works fantastic!

I also use the HomeyKit app so I can use Homekit from apple. As you see on the image below it works very well and accurate.

Image zigbee


Looks good! How did you add the device to Homey? I don’t see a ZSDR-850 in the list of supported devices in the KlikAanKlikUit app in Homey?

Guess thats a Trust device? Kaku supports only RF 433Mhz

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Great, thanks!

I use the Kaku ones too. You can indeed use the Trust app on your Homey to add the Kaku smoke (and CO) detectors, just like @Dijker mentioned.
Works great!

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Cant find it in the documentation

Do all smoke sensor units sound when one is triggered?
(Or can you make a flow that makes them all sound the alarm)

  • For the kaku
  • Or the heimdall