Heiman zigbee smoke sensor


I purchased a Heiman zigbee smoke sensor. Is it supported in Homey because I can just find a z-wave version. Can I make it work?

Thank you for your help.


Homey only supports the Zwave function. But you can connect the Conbee 2 stick to a Rasperry Pi and install the Phoscon software (there are ready-made images for the Raspi). The Heiman is recognized on the Conbee Stick and can then be imported into Homey.

Gabriel, with the Trust Smart Home app (v1.3.2) you can connect the Heiman Zigbee smoke sensor and also the CO-sensor. No need for the Conbee2 anymore, I am selling mine :-).

I just added but is recogbized like a basic zigbee device. Any idea why?

Thank you

Did you first install the Trust Smart Home app on your Homey? Then when adding a device, choose the Trust app and choose the smoke sensor, choose install and add the sensor.

yes Im choose a smoke detector from the trust app thats why is strange. Im also uninstalled an installed again the app and also restarted homey same effect.

Ok. Is the battery in the sensor ok, can you try a new battery? And dit you try to reset the Heiman:

  • remove battery
  • press and hold pin
  • insert battery while holding pin
  • wait 10 seonds
  • release pin

I try to reset same thing I also had one brand new but same effect alwas recognice it like a basic zigbee device.

Any way thank you for your time and help

I think I will order a z-wave versions.

Today I got the Heiman zigbee smokesensors too, type EF-3.0 / HS1SA.
Assuming :laughing: they can be installed as Trust zigbee device.
But ‘added as generic zigbee device’ is all I got.
I did an ‘Interview’ but that was of no avail.
Also no effect after resetting the devices.
I’m not sad, I bought them mainly for the build-in siren :sweat_smile::wink:

Had the same problem here.
I returned them and bought Trust/Kaku ones. They work fine, but the Heimans can not be connected to the Trust app although they are the same.
Must be something like a productID mismatch or something like that…

Well, I just asked Athom, regarding the Trust zigbee app, to add support of the Heiman sensor (and I included a zigbee interview), while it’s sort of identical :crazy_face::laughing:.
It’s a 0.5% chance, but you never know, right?

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I also bought (5 of) the HS1SA-E. As a newbee I am working on creating a Zigbee variant of the HEIMAN Z-Wave app. Starting with support for the HS1SA-E only.
I follow the Homey app development guidance. Currently setting up the zigbee driver pairing.
Did the Interview on the SmokeAlarm connected as generic zigbee device. But I have no experience reading the interview result. So far I have endpoints = 1, with (input?)clusters 0, 1, 3, 1280, 1282 and 2821. I don’t know where the find the value for the bindings in the report. Guidance on how to read the interview results would be great.

I got a positive reply from Athom. It’s about integration to the Trust Smart zigbee app:
"Thanks for sending the screenshot.

I’ve actually never seen this model before.

I will pass it on to our development team so that it can be added in the next version of the app.

Thanks for sending the information!"

I think Johan can give you some hints: [APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

Is there something new? I have the same problem with smoke sensor and water sensor. I think it is the same issue.

Does somebody know if anyone works on making the Heiman app zigbee proof? Would be great…

Try asking the developer

Oh man, I didn’t do my research and got the zigbee smoke detectors instead of the zwave :expressionless:

I guess no-one got these working yet, right?


Yes its working both zigbee and zwave smoke sensor but with home assistant.

Change it. Its day and night

You can give the following app a try, but it probably won’t work, as this device (rebrand) is probably not included in this app.