Heiman App Homey Bridge

Good morning -

I bought Homey smoke detectors. Does anyone know when the App for Heiman will be available for the Bridge as i can see it working with the Homey Pro.

Thanks, Rakesh

Given that the current app seems to be sort-of abandoned, I doubt it will appear on the Bridge any time soon

If it’s the zigbee version:
When you’re lucky, the Trust Smart app supports it. The Heiman & Trust/KaKu smoke detectors are the same product.
It depends on the version though. The latest might not yet be supported.

its the zwave version.

@robertklep why do you think its abandoned ?

thanks, rakesh

Zwave version is only available for the Pro

You can check this before buying gear…

Here’s an overview of currently available Homey beta apps

exactly. and i was thinking why :wink: and when they would make it available for the bridge.

thanks, rakesh

No one knows, it depends on the brand/company, and Athom does not publish roadmaps.
So a message to the Heiman company will be the best option.

will do :slight_smile:

The app was last updated a year ago, the code seems to be even older (2 years), and some reviews state that the developer doesn’t respond to requests,

mmh. damn. just bought the sensors.