Heiman smoke detectors Zigbee version

I noticed that the Heiman app is for the ZWave model, not Zigbee.
Any plans to integrate with the current Heiman app?
Can maybe someone advise on a good alternative that is Homey Pro Zigbee capable?

You’ll have to ask the app developer.

I know that frient has Zigbee Smoke Sensors, but I don’t have any experience with them.

Thanks for replying, I am expecting that, as a normal Zigbee device, this can be configured. Nevertheless, I have purchased 5 of these Heiman Zigbee Smoke Detectors from Aliexpress. As soon as I receive them, I will set them and reply here with my experience ;).

An update:
I have tried, adding the Heiman Zigbee device via Homey “Zigbee” and it only adds as an unknown device.
The same goes via the Tuya Test APP here => Tuya Zigbee | Homey
I also searched on github Issues · JohanBendz/com.tuya.zigbee · GitHub
but, it seems that the complete development is stopped somehow. Seems that request for new devices support dates 2021 till now are not actively being picked up.
I am a bit afraid that Homey Pro development is mostly dependent on the best effort from the community while Homey could help more to add more Zigbee devices to the supported list.

This was to be expected. Which model did you buy?

Johan Bendz, the developer of the Tuya Zigbee App, is still active. Please search and use the related topic:

That is indeed the case. Most of the apps were programmed by private developers in their spare time. If you have programming skills, you can program your own apps or support the other programmers. Even a small donation supports and motivates the programmers. But even that is no guarantee that the app developer will remain active for the next 5 years, for example.
Of course, you can also send Athom (not Homey!) a request if they are willing to program an app. But I assume that Athom don’t have time and manpower for it.