ZSDR-850 Trust smoke detector

I have 5 Trust ZSDR-850 smoke detectors at home, and 1 was wondering if there is a way to connect them with homey?
I have tried the Heimann app, since they look the same. But Heimann uses Z-wave and Trust uses Zigbee.

Is there another way, or can i just chuck them in the bin and buy new ones?

I see the question of @Wouzziej has not been answered yet, and I have exactly the same question. Can anyone shine a light on this, five months further in time?

Nobody? :slight_smile:

Any zigbee device /brand needs its own app, if there is an app, ask the developer if he wants to add support for it, if there is non you can make use of this topic to request for an app for your brand if it isn’t already in there.

Goedemiddag na een hele zoektocht tot een conclusie gekomen dat de homey verschil ziet tussen de ZSDR-850 die onder de naam trust verkocht werden een aantal jaar geleden en tussen dezelfde melder maar dan 3 weken geleden gekocht weer onder de naam klik aan klik uit .
Heb hierover gebelt met klik aan klik uit en die geven aan dat er niks is veranderd met de melders alleen dat onder de naam trust de verpakking ook voor de buitenlandse markt bedoeld was.
Maar goed na 2 dagen kloten werken de oudere dus niet en die ik laatst gekocht heb wel . Homey hoe kan dit ?

You will have to ask Athom.
They likely won’t response here.

As you can read in another topic (multiple actually), only the KAKU ones work with Homey. On Zigbee.
For Heiman, only the Z-Wave version is supported, by the Homey Heiman app.

When you follow the manual in post #1 of the Tuya Zigbee app topic , you’ll have a chance this smoke detector will be added to that app. It is possible support is already requested. You can always try the test version of that app.
(Trust/KaKu/Heiman zigbee smokesensors are similar, and Tuya based)

The app is only for the pro version he says

Yes you’re welcome.

:man_facepalming: you didn’t mention that you use the bridge. Could’ve saved me some time…

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You have to chose the Trust Smart Home app in Homey. In here you can find al those devices from Klik Aan Klik Uit (a Trust brand)