Heiman Z-wave smoke sensor every week on aprox at same time a false alarm

I use several Z-Wave Heiman smoke detectors in my home.

1 of them is giving the last month a false alarm on the same day of the week and almost similar timestamp. This around 1 week interval.
Why this sensor gives an alarm is a mystery, there is nothing happening (a camera is also filming the room where the sensor is located).

The battery is OK, I even exchanged it for a new one to be 100% sure, but the problem stays.
Only 1 of 6 of these sensors is giving this problem, the other 5 never give any false reports/triggers.

The sensor is giving an alarm in the middle of the night and stops after a few minutes but in Homey it is still giving an alarm.

Sadly there is no option to cancel the alarm via Homey, only by pressing the button on the device, but this only works when the alarm is actually going off, when silent this pressing only activate the local test but does not cancel the alarm in Homey itself…

Has anyone an idea why this sensor is giving each week a false alarm?

Also has anyone a alternative sensor which can be controlled via Homey, so not only report to Homey but actually can be controlled and read by Homey (turn off, see live data off sensor etc).

Did you check with the developer already?

In theory this is a malfunction of the device.
First remove all surrounding stuff, for example disconnect it from Homey for 8 days? I know Homey can’t control it, but I’ve seen weirder stuff.
And, if possible, change the batteries to see what happens.

From what I know it is not allowed (in Holland) to turn off smoke sensors by any form of remote technology, for safety reasons. The idea is for you to wake up when the alarm sounds (and press the physical cancel-button).
Imagine the alarm starts, and Homey decides to turn it off right away, something like that. You then won’t wake up.