Fibaro Smoke Sensor, won´t remove Smoke alarm trigger


I bought a Fibaro Smoke Sensor. I have installed it to Homey and it triggerd the first alarm that we tested with “smoke sprey” but now i can´t turn of the smoke alarm trigger. it says “Smoke Alarm Yes” all the time.

I want it to remove the alarm after time or when the smoke has been gone fore a while.

Anyone have a clue if this should work or if there is a problem with this device?

Best Regards Jonas

Is the smoke sensor well integrated in the mesh? Maybe there is a communication problem.
Maybe it helps to bring the smoke sensor near to Homey and then try to deactivate the alarm again.

I have the same problem, can not get rid of the “Smoke Alarm Yes”.

The sensor is 2m away from Homey with eye sight.

Im having the same problem, but with a Heimann z-wave smoke detector. I have three of these devices, and one doesn’t remove the warming, whereas the others do.

Just had the same problem with a FGSD-002 fibaro smoke detector.
How to get rid of this alarm without removing the device from the Homey ?

Exactly the same problem here. Also with tamper alarm in several Fibaro multisensors and CO alarm in CO Sensor. Seems like a more generic problem with Fibaro devices.
And yes all these devices have 0% transmission errors, are reachable and have 1 hop at most.

I have the same problem with my Fibaro smoke sensor. What fixed it for me just now was to do the battery replacement function test by holding the button until the alarm starts. I did remove and put back the battery to get rid of the alarm first.

First of all, the Fibaro’s should reset automatically, but if you remove the battery so silence the noise this will probably not happen.

I cannot test this as I have no alarm, but the solution should be to activate the green menu item from the Fibaro smoke detector. This menu item will send the current status to Homey, so should reset the alarm.

Last but not least, what you could try (and should probably do anyway after smoke detection) is the self test. If taking out the battery was wat caused this, this is a required procedure after placing a battery. I would be very surprised if either of those would not reset the alarm in Homey.

Both procedures are described in the manual better than I ever could.