My Wired Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSS-001 keeps beeping

Homey: (Early 2016)
Firmware: 4.2.0
Fibaro app version: v2.4.2
Fibaro device: FGSS-001
Firmware device: 2.5.2

My Fibaro smoke sensor keeps beeping.
It’s powered over a 24V continuous source. After connecting the power source I removed and re-included the smoke sensor.

It still beeps about every 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes it only beeps ones but sometimes 4 times in a row. I turned off sabotage alarm, but there are no options to turn off the “signal-lost” beeps. But I really don’t know what triggers the beeps. Maybe it isn’t a connection issue. When it beeps, I see nothing change in Homey.

I have several Zwave and Zwave plus devices in my home. I have 2 smoke sensors V1 (installed) and they both have the same problem. One of them is in about 2 meters of the homey in a direct line.

Anybody knows where to look for the solution?

I have the same problem (and the sensors are battery powered) and have no solution. Could it be that the Fibaro app for Homey has poor support for the older smoke sensors? When I was using the Fibaro Home Center 2, I had no problems with these smoke sensors.

There are already lot of topics regarding this problem, also with solutions.
Maybe this should help: