Fibaro smoke sensor - How to remove smoke alarm warning


I just testet one of my Fibaro smoke sensors (FGSD-002 fw3.3) with this smoke spray to test my flows. Test was successful but now I am unable to turn off the smoke alarm warning in Homey. See attached picture:

I’ve read several posts and other forums without finding a proper solution for this. I have tried waking it up manually several times, but the warning is still there (8+ days and counting).

Edit: Range is not an issue.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.


What if you try to trigger the smoke alarm again with the spray? Sometimes this works with the tamper alarms.

My solution was to reset the device and pair again.

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Yes, I could’ve tried that. However, the “solution” this time around was removing and re-adding the device in Homeys’ Fibaro App.


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If you do a self test the alarm stays on.

I have followed the steps below. And send the device state to Homey.

To enter MENU, press and hold the B-button for 3 seconds.
Once the indicator glows white, release the B-button. Visual indicator will then start
changing colours in sequence. Each colour means different MENU level.
Transitions between the MENU levels will be signaled with a short beep as well.
Press the B-button briefly to confirm choice.
Visual indicator colours will change in the following sequence:
WHITE - entering MENU + software update procedure,
GREEN - sending device state to associated devices,
VIOLET - Z-Wave range test,
YELLOW - device reset.


Press and hold the B-button for 3 sec. Release, then press the B-button when green to send the device status to homey.

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